When you talk about streetwear, no brand is better than Dickies. Dickies has some of the most modern designs you could ever find in footwear, clothing, bags, accessories, and so much more! Take a look at available products from Dickies online and learn how you can rock the street with Dickies Singapore below.

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Fun and Edgy Fashion Picks from Dickies Singapore

For almost a century, Dickies has been providing some of the best clothing and apparel for men and women today. Mainly focused on streetwear, the brand offers its wide selection of products from jeans, tops, jackets and hoodies, belts, wallets, footwear, accessories and so much more! With Dickies Singapore, you can bring out your inner edge with fabulous streetwear garments for men and women.

Dickies - The Birth of An Iconic Brand

Dickies is an iconic brand when it comes to street and urban wear. Famous not only in Singapore but all over the world, the brand has made a name for itself in terms of delivering quality merchandise.

Popular Products from Dickies Singapore

If you’re looking for great streetwear options, choose Dickies. Compared to other brands, Dickies Singapore is affordable, giving you more value for your money. The brand has the widest range of designs and styles when it comes to clothes, bags, footwear, and more!


Among the brand’s most popular line of products, Dickies clothing is an icon of street and casual wear. From jeans, tees, tops, shorts, hoodies, and sweaters, you can trust Dickies Singapore to deliver only the best. What makes their clothing line amazing is the simplicity in design and the quality of the fabric used. The brand also has some of the widest selections when it comes to clothing; you can find all sorts of designs and colours that would fit your style and personality.


Dickies bags are fashionable and functional accessories. If you are looking for a high-quality bag with great storage capacity for work or school, then a Dickies bag would be perfect for you. The brand has a range of backpacks, sling bags, messenger bags, totes, and duffel bags that would be perfect for all occasions.


Nothing defines streetwear and urban lifestyle better than Dickies shoes. The brand makes a great deal of footwear for both men and women with styles ranging from high-cut boots, skate shoes, to loafers, sneakers, slip-ons, and casual shoes. The best thing about Dickies footwear is the variety of colours and designs that they give to their customers, bringing out good options when you shop.


To complete your urban outfit, Dickies also has a set of accessories that you would love. Like all their products, their accessories are made from the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship. Belts, wallets, gloves, caps, sunglasses, socks, and small leather goods are just some of the best accessories that you can wear with Dickies.

How to Keep it Street with Dickies

Break away from the usual casual and go street with Dickies. Not only are these clothes super comfortable, but they are also fashionable and edgy. So if you want to bring out your edgy side, here are some great tips that would help you:

  • Start with headwear. Ball caps and beanies are some of the most popular headwear choices when you want to keep it street. Dickies has an Alaska Beanie, as well as a Darlington 5 Panel Cap that you would surely love.
  • If you want to keep it street, then a statement hoodie, a jacket, or any kind of outerwear is a must. Flannels are also welcome in street fashion so make sure to pick up your own Dickies Flame-resistant long sleeve plaids, and Dickies thermal lined fleece jackets.
  • When it comes to bottoms, today’s trend is joggers but you can also opt for jeans or pants such as the Dickies slim skinny work pants.
  • What greatly defines streetwear are the shoes that you wear; sneakers are a good way to go but skate shoes are much better such as the Dickies Vulcan skate shoes or the Dickies Bonhan slip-resistant skate shoes.

When you rock an awesome Dickies streetwear outfit, make sure to bring a little touch of your personality from your clothes down to your accessories; don’t forget that fashion is all about expression. If you want to view more products online, you can check out other brands such as Tribal, Nike, DKNY, Adidas and so much more!

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