Dior Singapore is one of the most sought after luxury brands today. From bags, shoes, clothing to accessories, you can never go wrong with a Dior piece. Among their most famous line of products are their exquisite bag collections, perfect for haute couture fashionistas today. Take a look at our Dior handbags below or click here for more information about Dior Singapore.


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When you talk about high-class bags, Dior will never be out of the picture. Ever since the brand was first established by Christian Dior in 1946, it has been well known to produce only the best high-quality products for the elite. Hollywood actors and actresses, socialites, pop culture icons, and celebrities are amongst Dior’s long set of clients. The red carpet is never complete without a Dior piece walking on it. While it is a luxury brand, it never hurts to have at least one dior bag in your closet, especially if you are a haute fashionista.

Why buy a premium Dior bag

Aside from looking absolutely fabulous everyday, buying a premium Dior bag is a great investment, especially if you carry a lot of things to work or wherever. While it can be a little bit expensive compared to other brands, the design, and quality is surely worth every penny. To further satisfy your curiosity, here are some reasons why you should buy an authentic, premium Dior bag:

  • The best thing about having a Dior bag is that it goes great with any outfit you wear. It can go from street to haute couture in seconds!
  • Among the reasons why you should invest in a Dior bag is the quality of materials used in each piece. Even if you use it everyday, your premium Dior bag would still last more than 5 years!
  • Because of its superior design, Dior bags could be a family heirloom, but that’s totally up to you.
  • Instead of buying different low-cost bag for different outfit, you can simply buy one awesome bag for all occasions! Not only are you saving space in your closet, you are also saving money.

Classic Dior Singapore handbag styles for you

What people love most about Dior Singapore is the different styles and designs that would suit your taste. With a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials used in each piece, you would surely love each and every Dior bag you own.

  • Dior Handbag
  • Dior Totes
  • Dior Clutch
  • Dior Shoulder bags
  • Dior Sling bags

Celebrities sporting Dior bags

Dior Singapore is a brand associated with many celebrities, supermodels, and socialites. Celebrity socialite Paris Hilton, actress Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, supermodel Olivia Palermo, and pop superstar Rihanna are all big fans of Dior’s wide array of handbags. Among their most favorite handbags is the Lady Dior collection. From clutch to totes, you will surely look like a star sporting the best Dior bags online.

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