Loved by kids and kids at heart, Disney fills up your imagination with lovable characters and magical places! Taking you on an exciting journey, Disney has a great selection of apparel for kids. Check out the hottest Disney dresses below or read more about the best Disney dresses in Malaysia.


Grab the Best Disney Dresses in Malaysia

Everyone who grew up with Aladdin, Ariel, Cinderella, Jungle Book, Mulan, Hercules, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty knows that Disney is one of the biggest names in entertainment and toys. Their characters from the classics to the modern Disney-Pixar animations, TV shows, and other entertainment franchises are among the most lovable and even relatable. Almost everybody can name a Disney character or movie title.

Dress like a Disney Princess with these Cute Dresses

Extending their reach from entertainment to wearable fashion, Disney Singapore has created an array of clothing for kids. Among their best-sellers is their exciting array of dresses for girls who want to be princesses! Create a cute look for your kids with these amazing Disney dresses in Malaysia!

Disney Sofia the First Collared Purple Dress

From their original Disney Junior TV show Sofia the First which tells about a little pheasant girl and her adventures to becoming a princess. This cute collared dress features a printed logo of Sofia with the phrase "Smart Princess RULE!" on the left breast. It comes in the color light purple as what Princess Sofia is commonly seen wearing.

Disney Cinderella Light Blue Stretchable Dress

Inspiring generations of kids from all over the globe, Cinderella is an iconic character that will forever rest in our childhood memories. If you love Cinderella, then this dress is the perfect choice for your kids. It has a princess sleeve with a Cinderella print at the front with the phrase "Home Before Midnight". Cute and feminine, this dress is perfect for your kids and their dream of becoming a princess.

Disney Frozen Multicolored Stretchable Dress

Frozen has taken the world by storm and we can't just let it go, especially with this amazing dress from Disney. It has printed both Anna at the top and Elsa at the skirt with beautiful snowflake motifs surrounding the characters. The top is pink and the skirt is divided into yellow and blue which gives it a multicolored effect.

The Magic of Disney

Everybody loves Disney. From their original franchises to Marvel Comics and Lucas Films, Disney has created a great empire of characters that are both lovable and relatable. From the tender hands of a simple newspaper cartoonist to one of the biggest entertainment houses of today, you can count on Disney to create and continue to inspire children and adults. What is great about each Disney character is their stories. In most cases, Disney teaches children virtues such as being creative, being yourself, to be courageous, and to follow your heart. Disney captivates our imaginations and continues to inspire us with every new movie, TV show, or comic books they put out.