DKNY,a label that is synonymous with the term modern and casual wear is the go-to brand where people search for comfortable clothing with chic aesthetics and even accessories and fragrances. Donna Karan is the name behind this global fashion brand which was purely designed in New York, which does not come as a surprise why the town is included in the brand’s name. So if you are looking for a brand that screams class and elegance without forgetting style, DKNY is the brand to look out for.

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DKNY Singapore - A brand of elegance and superiority

Every time you put on something from DKNY, you should know that there is a long and interesting history behind how it became what it is today. This fashionable label that was created by long-time designer, Donna Karan which lies in the most fashionable city, New York goes all the way back to her childhood years on Long Island. Her love for fashion came to her from her father who was a tailor and her mom, a model and a fashion sales rep. Karan, set her stage that changed the world with her magic when she produced her first collection while she was still in high school.

Having attended Parsons School of Design and having fashion maven, Anne Klein as a mentor, it was not long before the world knew about the amazing Donna Karan. She paired up with her late husband and created the Donna Karan label in 1984 which revolved around high-end women’s fashion and accessories. Due to her desire to dress her own daughter Gabby, the DKNY jeans line was born which then benefited many denim wearers around the world. The collection received rave reviews and continued to be one of the top denim brands globally.

DKNY became an immediate success for Donna Karan and quickly became a number of specialty lines which were DKNY Kids, DKNY Jeans, DKNY Active and DKNY Underwear to name a few. In 1999, DKNY opened its flagship store at Madison Avenue and 60th Street in New York City and by 2001, Karan brought everything full circle by delving into the world of home fashion like candles to bedding which proved to be extremely popular. So, if you want to own something that distills the elegant essence of DKNY, you should surely check out the widest range of DKNY products on iprice.

Blow your mind with DKNY Singapore

Here are some interesting facts that you might not know about this game-changing brand that took the whole world by storm.

  1. When DKNY was launched, it was a casual line of affordable clothes for working women who wanted to don a designer name but unable to afford her couture prices.
  2. The philosophy behind the creation of DKNY was simplicity where she offered wardrobe basics which made dressing for any occasion easy.
  3. Karan, from the very beginning, used her own closet as a testing ground and inspiration for her designs. Her husband, Stephan Weiss was her source of suggestion for her collection of menswear designs.
  4. Weiss, Donna Karan’s second husband was the bottle designer for her first signature fragrance, Donna Karan, which had a mixed scent of leather cashmere and suede and reminded her of the back of her husband’s neck.
  5. Although Karan was the first American designer to suggest sarong skirts for men, her husband was not up to the idea of wearing a skirt.
  6. For her youthful and more funkier DKNY line, she looked to her daughter, Gabrielle as her source of modern inspiration.
  7. Estee Lauder makes their cosmetics under the DKNY line.
  8. Donna Karen announced that her fall lines in 2009 will be fur-free and that she has no plans to infuse fur in all her designs in the future.
  9. Singer, actress and director, Barbra Streisand who was in love with Karan’s collection wore it out constantly as did television’s Murphy Brown character actress, Candace Bergen. Her menswear also had some very famous following which included Michael Bolton, Larry Hagman, Richard Gere, and Warren Beatty.
  10. Her basic line, Essentials and a capsule collection of blazers, pants, wrap skirts and bodysuits that sold $15 million the first year which prompted her to add a line of Essentials for Men.

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