We spend a lot of time on our feet and having proper foot wear is crucial. With Dr Kong in Singapore, you can find the right shoes for your feet shape no matter what your age is. Scroll below to learn more about Dr Kong in Singapore.


Feature of the Shoes offered by Dr Kong in Singapore

Established in 1999, Dr Kong were the first to introduce their innovative “Check & Fit” foot examination, insole fitting service as well as free profession foot examination. Dr Kong in Singapore offers the most suitable and economical foot care products according to a customer’s feet condition. When it comes to their products, the brand focuses on the “EPS mission” that comprises of 3 areas – Education, Product, and Sales. From babies to the elderly, everyone can walk comfortably with healthy shoes and foot care products only from Dr Kong in Singapore. Find out more of the shoes features below.

Anti-slip and flexible

Made for the elderly, the anti-slip shoes are made from environmental friendly materials such as PU polyester so that it can prevent any slips from happening on smooth floor surfaces. It also aids any discomfort from swollen feet as the shoe body is made of elastic deerskin or lycra material. Also, the insides utilise 3-dimernsional knitted fabric that offers an elastic and soft space. As the elderly’s skin is fragile, the inside material has a neutral PH value which reduces irritation to the skin. The insoles are made with PU material with memory, it can closely follow the shape of foot so that it increases comfort. Other than that, the contact foot bottom design helps to increase the surface area in contact with the foot bottom as it redistributes the pressure evenly. Thus, foot fatigue and foot pain is reduced.

Easy to Flex

To ultimately reduce foot fatigue, the “Easy to Flex” concept shoe by Dr Kong had a flexible shoe head. And together with the total contact insole, it helps to redistribute pressure along the bottom of the foot. On top of that, this concept also incorporates a metatarsal pad that minimizes the formation of calluses. The materials used in the shoe is highly absorbent so that it can effectively relieve fatigue at the foot, leg, and waist.

Total Contact

The Total Contact concept has many advantages as it does not only redistributes pressure evenly but also is specially designed with “Toe Crest”, “Arch Support”, “Metatarsal Pad”, “Heel Cradle Design”, and “Soft Padding Design”. This is a total contact shoes which offers close contact with both feet upon wearing them. Thus, the pressure along the bottom of the foot is evenly distributed so that it prevents pressure from being centered at the forefeet and heel. As a result, it reliefs problems such as foot fatigue, forefeet as well as heel pain.


Dr Kong’s shoes for the pregnant utilises three types of insoles: thick, thin, and forefoot. Each insole serves different condition of swollenness that will help adjust the room inside the shoe.