Looking for a pair of work shoes? Or maybe a pair of boots that will complete your gothic outfit? Dr. Martens is the best place to look for footwear that looks professional or gives a bit of an attitude. Read below to learn more about Dr. Martens shoes.


Dr. Martens Singapore: Uniquely Iconic Footwear

Dr. Martens Singapore: From Work To Fashion

Known for their functional (and sometimes eye-catching) boots, Dr. Martens Shoes are a much-loved item for fashionistas who want to add a touch of boldness to their outfits or for people who are looking for functional footwear. Enduring fashion trends that come and go, Dr. Martens' unique design has remained a constant icon and hit in an industry that is prone to change with the seasons.

Born in the 1940s, the birth of the brand happened when a young German army doctor injured his ankle. Doctor Klaus Marten had been skiing when he injured his ankle and decided to create an air-cushioned sole for a boot so that he could walk and run comfortably. His design was a success, and soon the boots became popular. When the boots were sold in Britain, they were used mostly as work boots for factory workers. It was not until Pete Townshend, an English musician, wore them on stage that the boots made its first step into the fashion world.

Since then, the brand’s footwear became part of the fashion world as they are part of some work outfits. From plain brown boots to floral-patterned loafers, Dr. Martens has something that would appeal to the bold and the conservative.

Dr. Martens Singapore: AirWair Technology

The brand’s shoes are made using AirWair Technology, the name given to the air-cushioned sole created by Doctor Klaus Marten. The sole has been perfected and not provides great comfort to your foot while minimising the impact of your foot with the ground. Other than offering exceptional cushioning, the sole also absorbs foot odour and moisture to prevent the growth of fungus as well as bacteria. The sole is thicker and heavier than the original design to provide great stability as well as help the shoes to be more durable.

Dr. Martens Singapore: Functional Footwear for Professionals and Fashionistas

From industrial shoes to stylish heeled boots, Dr. Martens truly caters to a wide range of customers. Below is our take on which Dr. Martens shoes may be of interest to you:

  • Martens 1461 Smooth
    • Classic shoes design for men
    • Made from leather with a smooth finish
    • Available in Black or Cherry Red
  • Martens Gizelle Secret Garden
    • Floral-patterned footwear for women
    • Features a lightweight look and feel
    • Great shoes for summertime
  • Martens Demented Are Go Pascal
    • Boots for men
    • Available in 2 unique designs
    • For men who are into the punk rock style
  • Martens Persephone Buttero
    • Heeled boots for women
    • Yellow stitching and padded collar to add some attitude to any outfit
    • Available in Black or Shiraz

Dr. Martens Singapore: Fashionable Footwear At Its Best

No outfit is ever complete without a pair of Dr. Martens Shoes. Shop for affordable Dr. Martens footwear at iprice. From Dr. Martens Boots to Dr. Martens Brogues, you will be spoilt for choice with the wide array of boots offered here.

Are Dr. Martens and Doc Martens the same?

Yes, Doc Martens is just another name for Dr. Martens. Other than that, the English footwear and clothing brand is also most commonly known as Martens, Docs or DMs for short.

How long will Dr Martens last?

Since Dr Martens boots are made from solid leather, they should last at least 5 years if they are well taken care of. Overall, it depends on how often you wear or upkeep them. They are more likely to last longer if you alternate between multiple pairs of shoes and give them a good polish and light surface cleaning every once in a while.

Are Doc Martens guaranteed for life?

The For Life guarantee only applies to Dr Martens boots and shoes that come with the words “Guaranteed for Life” on the sole, were purchased before 29 March 2018, and registered within 60 days of purchase. The For Life footwear range had been discontinued since 27 March 2018. Most Dr Martens items purchased from the brand’s official online store and retail outlets are covered by a one-year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Dr. Martens Singapore Price List

Doc Martens Singapore



Dr. Martens Black Combs Utility Boots

S$ 104.41


Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Boots

S$ 279.00


Dr. Martens Rosalind

S$ 159.90


Dr. Martens Wincox Chelsea Boots

S$ 219.81


Dr. Martens Unisex 1461 Co 3 Eye Shoe - White Venice

S$ 209.00


Dr. Martens Black Adrian YS Loafers

S$ 192.34


Dr. Martens 1461 Leather Derby Shoes

S$ 287.36

Mr Porter

Dr. Martens Black Flora Chelsea Boots

S$ 219.81


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