Everyone likes to shop for clothes forgoing the heavy price tags, right? Dressabelle offers you fashion forward pieces at very affordable prices. You can look for that perfect look with Dressabella Singapore from office wear to dresses for your dinner dates, even dresses for the bridesmaids! Click here to find out more.


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Feel beautiful with Dressabelle Singapore

About Dressabelle Singapore

Dressabelle is one of the top online fashion brands of Singapore that offers trendsetting pieces of women’s clothing at affordable prices. Dressabelle has got you covered for all your wardrobe needs, no matter what occasion, you can always rely on the Dressabelle shop to fulfil all your fashion needs. Browse through their latest collection, available exclusively on the iprice store!

This Singapore-based fashion online retailor for women is led by Dressabelle CEO and co-founder Jeremy Khoo, a former air force officer in the Singapore Ministry of Defence. Jeremy treats every challenge faced by a start-up with integrity and professionalism, subsequently bringing Dressabelle Singapore to be among the top players in the online retail for women’s fashion. Seems like Jeremy has successfully applied his real-time problem solving skills with the air force when he multitasks as an entrepreneurs with Dressabelle.

Dressabelle is currently operating in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with future plans of expanding into Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Dressabelle is the fashion for the career women

Fashion in the modern society today have a higher demand for multiple uses, this means that a piece of clothing should essentially be fitting to c7 than one occasion. At Dressabelle, you will find dresses that allow you to look smart and casual with a few tweaks, yes it’s possible!

Many women nowadays have to juggle their careers and family responsibilities altogether, so having a wardrobe that allows them to carry out these responsibilities will definitely be a plus point. Dressabelle Singapore is the fashion for the career woman, as well as for women that want to look and feel confident!

Fashion trend changes fairly fast and to keep up with the newest style, many women will face a budget constraint but fashion is a form of expression that allows you to showcase your personality. You don’t have to be in this tug-of-war with your shopping desires and your wallet when you shop at Dressabelle Singapore.

Dressabelle ah range between $27 to $38

Dressabelle makes all women’s wardrobe essentials that are affordable and of good quality. Even if you don’t have a very high demand for design, you can still enjoy dressing up in Dressabelle’s dresses that will bring out your classic and feminine side.

3 main reasons to buy Dressabelle Singapore clothing:

  1. Get your fun dresses for work (length-wise long enough) and play – you can wear them for your formal meetings and for your Friday casual hangouts, it all depends on how you pair and match them up!
  2. Great new collection launching twice every week – Dressabelle’s office wear collection is the best-selling collection to date, there’s also accessories to choose from to mix and match.
  3. Detailed ki information – you can find out all the specific details about Dressabelle clothing such as cloth material, ki size chart, main features, embroideries, apparel ec and care as well as the size of the model to allow you to make a better comparison and visualise that c5 before purchase.

Dressabelle Singapore fashion offerings

You can find everyday pieces to make you feel beautiful! Dressabelle Singapore offers the following women’s clothing:

How To Style Your Wardrobe

A good wardrobe is where you can find and innovate your outfit according to your everyday mood and need. Some of you might have a piece of clothing that you have bought years ago in a moment of impulse and you just never thought of wearing it to the office or for a date probably because it is too bold for your personal style or because it is out of your comfort zone. Well, life is all about taking risks. Trying out new fashion is an adventure that gives you freedom and happiness. It is now or never. So, let’s rock your wardrobe!

  • Coachella festival or a royal wedding is never complete without a hat. The right hat that tops your outfit can transform you into a classy yet fun look. So, remember not to step out of your house without a cool hat anymore.
  • Prints are something to watch for if you love a fun and bold style. You can always mix and match your outfits with different print designs. You just need to ensure that the colours of the outfits are from the same group.
  • You can always throw on a metallic jacket over your shoulder for that extra glam even for a day time look. Pair it up with a simple silhouettes and a pair of heels to turn heads around.
  • If you think you are more mature for a too-girly look, you can always wear a dress with a pair of sneakers. This can give you the feminine yet the edgy style that you love.
  • Black can be a comfortable colour and sometimes you can get too comfortable with black outfits that you forget to bring out the bright and fun colours in your life. Once in a while, you can ditch your black and opt for eye-catching and bold coloured outfits.
  • Keep you accessories on check. Make sure you focus in a piece of accessory that can be the highlight of the day. Adding up a lot of accessories can create a messy look. Just keep it simple with a stack of rings, a stone-studded clutch or a gorgeous choker necklace.

Buy Dressabelle Malaysia Online Now

Most of the clothing offered is from Dressabelle’s own label DSB Label along with other imported brands that offers a different kind of style. However you might be having a hard time to find spare time in between the chaotic world of your work and your family. Well, fret not as we are here to make your life simpler. With our cool and efficient iprice Malaysia online store, you do not to need to waste any more time and energy. You can now get more mileage with Dressabelle Malaysia available at iprice Malaysia with just a click of button. Have fun shopping ladies!

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