Ducati is the ultimate Italian superbike company. Now in Singapore, Ducati brings fun performance motorcycles to us. Find out about 4 exciting Ducati bike you need to try out here.

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4 Ducati superbikes you need to try out in Singapore

Italians have a way with design and superior quality. With Italian cars, Ferrari has top position. With Italian motorcycles, however, Ducati is the premier. Uniquely Italian, Ducati brought in decades of technology in motorcycle innovation along with intricate styling. Pioneering the world of bike riding married with performance, Ducati’s superbike line-up is top all around the world. Winning championships in MotoGP and superbike drag races, Ducati transferred its racing technology into road driving.

Thrills are unending thanks to the possibilities in its bike production. With the beautiful, powerful machines that are Ducati, you can’t go wrong. Let’s look at four of Ducati’s superbikes that you need to ride at least once in your life.

Ducati Monster 696

One bike that literally screams Ducati is the Monster 696. First released in 1993, the Ducati Monster was one of the most popular of Ducati’s superbikes. Featuring a steel frame without a fairing, the Monster was the ultimate street bike. Given its large naked look and round headlamp, the Monster was a sexy beast.

It had a body weight of 161kg which later increased on the model with ABS. The seating height of 30 inches was ideal for a racing stance look when weaving through traffic. It also allowed for easy access of your feet to the ground. As for the engine, the Monster boasts a Desmondue V-twin 79hp air-cooled engine along with a slipper clutch in its transmission. Thanks to this combination, the rider will find it easy to manoeuvre up and down the gears. For brakes, the Monster was endowed with a Brembo package with 320 mm floating dual discs in the front and 245 mm rear solid disc which made the bike safer and quicker on the stops.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Sport

At the height of touring races, Ducati brought in its finest touring bike – the Multistrada 1200 S Sport. First introduced in 2010, the Multistrada came with all the luxuries of a modern superbike. Built with a professional rider in mind, the large bike stood at a height of 37.2 inches with a length of 87 inches. Its large-diameter steel tube main and subframes housed the bike's engine.

For such a large bike, we need a large engine. Thankfully, the Multistrada is fitted with a 1,198 cc 4-valve Desmodromic liquid-cooled 90° L-twin engine that propels the beast to a top speed of 145mph. to keep the bike stable, the 120/70ZR17 Pirelli Scorpion Trail dual compound mounted on 3.50 x 17 10-spoke light alloy wheel is mounted on the front while the rear is the 190/55ZR17 Pirelli Scorpion Trail dual compound mounted on 6.00 x 17 10-spoke light alloy wheel.

The bike also comes with ABS, traction control, riding stabilizer, and a Ride-by-Wire system that allows four different types of settings: sport, touring, urban, endure. Overall, the Multistrada is considered one of Ducati’s finest in its line-up.

Ducati Scrambler

The name “Scrambler” suggests a rugged, tough, off-roader. Sticking to its name, the Ducati Scrambler has proven to be exactly that. Brought back to life in 2015 after finishing its run in 1974, the all-new Ducati Scrambler keeps up with the competition. Originally made as a dirt bike hybrid, the Scrambler was tons of fun. Today’s Scrambler is not much different. Save for the electronic drivetrain, ABS, and a larger girth, the Scrambler still offers the same level of excitement in every ride.

As for specs, the Scrambler features an L-Twin of up to 803cc air-cooled 4-stroke Desmodromic 4-valve engine. Its transmission is a 6-speed. Tires are set with the Pirelli MT60 dual-sport tires which are perfect for off-road as they are for road use. Overall, the combination of specs and build provide for optimal fun and performance.

Ducati Diavel

“The Devil” – Ducati’s very obvious name for the Diavel. Made as Ducati’s first entry into the world of sports cruiser bikes, the Diavel is unlike any other model the company has made. The first thing you will realize is the beautiful rear wheel. Featuring a floating wheel with a never-before-seen futuristic design, the Diavel is in a league of its own. With an L-twin 1198cc engine that is 4-valve Desmodromic liquid-cooled, you have tons of torque and power to shoot you into the straights. Seating position is much like a cruiser, but much sportier compared to a regular cruiser. With a top speed of 168mph, the Diavel is perfect for long, straight roads where you become one with the machine. If you’re looking to have some fun cruising, the Ducati Diavel is for you.

Ducati accessories for the ultimate ride

All bikers know that with the right accessories and gear, the ride is far more pleasurable. Some necessary gear for every ride include gloves, wind jacket, riding boots, and a helmet. Simply check out all the best Ducati gear above with Ducati clothing page or simply browse further. Happy riding!