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Durex Singapore: Distinctly Pleasurable

Durex Singapore is the most prominent brand when it comes to condoms. Most if not all convenience stores put this brand on display on the cashier counter, so it's hard to miss on your trip to these stores. However though, the major factor behind its popularity and reputation is its successful marketing to the mass and its high manufacturing standards.This brand has been a word of mouth when it comes to quality condoms. It has a wide variety of condoms, each cut out distinctly, to provide a hundred percent protection while intensely increasing comfort and pleasure. Another product popular from Durex is their lubricant. The variety of lubricants from Durex promises more fun ways to play and experience pleasure. Their lubricants come in different flavor, fragrance, and consistency: properties which heightens sensation from your head to toe.In addition, Durex's line of products are not just limited to what they are universally known for. Aside from condoms, Durex also manufactures highly quality sex toys, made for people who wants to take their sex life to a whole new level. Their range of sex toys for men and women includes: vibrators, strokers , massager, bullet, and cock rings. All these designed to ignite passion and provide an out of this world kind of pleasure.