Good quality hair dryers are important not only to achieve sleek hair styling but also to protect your hair from extreme heat. Dyson is one of the best brands that we can rely on to choose the best hair dryer. Before purchasing one, read to know more about Dyson SG!


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All You Need to Know about Dyson Hairdryer SG!

How do I clean my Dyson hairdryer filter?

Dyson hairdryers are protected with a dual-layer filtration system to protect the dryer’s internal components from contaminants. However, fine pores that come with the filter might be easily clogged. Flashing red or white lights on the device, flashing and overheat machine are signs that your filter requires urgent attention. Here are the steps you can follow to clean the Dyson hairdryer filter:

  1. Disconnect dryer from the power supply
  2. Let it sit for a few moments to cool down
  3. Hold the handle of your machine firmly and rotate the filter cage anti-clockwise
  4. Pull down the magnetic cage away from the machine
  5. Gently pull open the cage and slide it off the cable
  6. Put the cage in dish soap and warm water for at least 30 minutes
  7. Wipe down the filter with a clean dry cloth
  8. Scrub the filter cage with a cleaning brush that also comes with the machine
  9. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap and debris
  10. Shake off any water excess
  11. Hold up the filter cage to the light to check that all contaminant has been cleared
  12. If you can’t see through the filter, repeat the cleaning process

Keep in mind to never operate the machine without putting the filter on. You can continue using the dryer by replacing the filter cage with the spare that comes along with your device. If you use the device quite frequently, it is recommended to perform a daily clean.

How do I register my Dyson hairdryer?

You can head over to the Dyson SG website and fill in your personal details like email address, first name, and last name as a starter. Don’t forget to keep the receipt with you as it is needed to fill in machine details like serial numbers and dates of purchases. However, if you made an online purchase, Dyson’s store in Singapore has an auto registration system on its website.

If you’re buying the Dyson hairdryer as a gift, you can simply tick the checkbox to cancel your auto registration system. Registering your machine is important to protect products and get access to fast service and repairs throughout its whole lifetime. If you fail to register your product, you will still have your warranty rights, again keeping proof of purchases is necessary.

Is the Dyson hair dryer worth it?

If you style your hair all the time, the brand’s hair dyer is worth investing in. This is because the brand offers you various technologies to ensure you can achieve a sleek hair styling any way you want without damaging it. You can consider buying one of the brand’s well-known devices, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

The machine comes with fast drying technology that increases your hair smoothness up to 75%, hair shine up to 32% and decreases frizz by up to 61%. It also features four precise heat settings for both cold and hot drying. The machine is powered up with a small yet powerful V9 digital motor that is six times better than others in terms of fast drying. With all of the impressive features Dyson has, it’s worth the price.

What is so special about the Dyson hair dryer?

  1. The lighter and smaller motor on the handle
  2. Easier to hold
  3. Vent at the bottom of the handle prevents hair from getting caught
  4. It comes with innovative accessories like concentrators, diffuser, non-slip mat, and storage hanger
  5. Magnet head that securely clips attachments into place
  6. A thermal sensor and heat control technology on Dyson Supersonic hair dryer keeps hair safer from damage caused by extreme heat

Should I buy a Dyson hair dryer or Airwrap?

Both Dyson hairdryer and Airwrap come with the same innovative technology to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Both of the products also feature damage and intelligent heat control to protect your hair from unnecessary heat damage. However, there are a couple of different features from both of them. To begin with, hairdryers come with attachments for hair straightening while Airwrap has the ability to simultaneously dry and curl or straighten your hair. Airwrap also comes with 8 removable attachments to achieve any hairstyle you’d like.

If you keen on doing more to your hair, Airwrap is the one for you although it will cost you slightly more than the Dyson hairdryer. Hence, it’s worth the money considering the whole complete set option that you can choose from either the one designed for thin hair or another for thicker and more textured hair.