With legendary game titles like Command & Conquer, Crysis, FIFA, SimCity, Left 4 Dead and more, EA certainly showcases games that are truly revolutionary in every way. Challenge your life by reading here below.


EA Singapore - Challenge Everything

Publishing and developing many legendary gaming titles throughout its history, EA Singapore is passionate about making games that truly matter. As a leading global interactive entertainment software company, EA delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phones and tablets. This shows that EA has managed transform itself from a mere video game developer to a seasoned and established gaming company. If you are a gamer, you definitely have seen the iconic EA logo before playing your favourite game. Even if you are not, you might have catch a glimpse of the iconic logo everywhere, be it in the shop, advertisement or others. Like its tagline, EA is in the business of challenging anything that is norm through creating awesome gaming titles that are totally fun, immersive and enjoyable as well.

History Of EA Singapore

Founded on 28 May 1982 by Trip Hawkins, EA or Electronic Arts began developing the games in-house as well as supporting consoles. Throughout the 1980s, EA has been aggressive in marketing products for Commodore Amiga, known to be a premier home computer at that time. In fact, Commodore has provided EA with the prototype machines and development tools before the actual launch of Amiga. During its work with Amiga, EA initially only published non-gaming titles such as Deluxe Paint (painting program), Deluxe Music Construction Set and Instant Music. Exclusively for Amiga, EA published F/A-18 Interceptor, a flight simulator game with impressive vector graphic at that time. EA also released Populous, a pioneering title in the ''god games'' genre. In the next decade, EA started to produce console games for Nintendo after previously licensed its computer games to other console game publishers.

In its early days, EA usually gave credit to its developers by referring them as artists and provided photo credits in their games and advertisements. Not only that, EA loved to pack their games in the album cover style. Apparently, EA did this style of packaging because the album cover style actually saved a lot of money as well as making the packaging more presentable, artistic and impressive. This philosophy of making the developers like celebrities and rock stars certainly won the hearts of many gamers and developers as well. Thanks to EA's lavish treatment of its developers, EA always attracted the best and talented developers who were often eager to join its ranks.

From 2000s onwards, EA has emerged as one of the world's largest third party publishers as EA continued to grow through acquisition of numerous developers. Showing foresight, EA expanded its arms into new areas such as direct distribution of digital services, products and games and mobile gaming. Nowadays, the gaming market was saturated with many games that carried the marks of EA logo. In other words, it is not that hard to find a game that is not published by EA. With its rich history of game publications and technical know-how, EA certainly possess the skills and ability to produce games that visually impressive and are fun to be played as well.

Embrace EA Singapore

Every time you play a game on your computer or console or even tablet or smartphone, you will not fail to miss the iconic EA logo that is followed by the tagline, "Challenge Everything". True to its statement, EA embodies the value of challenging the status quo and normal standards. Believing in the ability and opportunity to make things to be better, EA usually wastes no time in improving and enhancing the performance of a game as well as its graphics and designs so that player is able to enjoy and experience the game. EA believes in three pillars that help it to be successful in building games: innovation, services and connectivity. For innovation, it is about putting things that will fundamentally change the way you play. Moreover, EA wants players to be able to enjoy the full package of services that are designed to enhance experience and embrace energetic gaming. Such engagement between players and products will lead to greater joy of gaming. Building a powerful bond or connection among gamers is the thing that EA wants to achieve as gamers can play and laugh together.

Top EA Singapore Game Titles

Legendary and iconic, these EA game titles are awesome that you definitely have heard of them before. Whether sports, first person shooter, real time or turn based strategy game, racing, survival horror, action-adventure, role playing game, simulation or others, EA boasts incredible amount of games that promise another level of excitement and adventure. For those that are familiar with popular Command & Conquer series, you will not forget how thrilling it is to play the classic games of Red Alert and Tiberian series. Build a strong army as you are preparing to destroy the enemy base (especially when your friend is playing). Not only that, you can experience the single player campaign in those games with its gripping storyline, live action scenes and larger than life characters!

Not forgetting the amazing series of Left 4 Dead, the game that many people are talking about; an amazing adventure that you can share with 3 other friends especially going through areas infested with zombies! Each session of Left 4 Dead game will surely give you and your friends a lot of things to talk about; like how your friend really left you behind because you are not worth rescuing. If you love modern warfare, the Battlefield series will be your battleground as you fight in the ground, air and sea. There are tons of EA games here below:

  • Army of Two Series
  • Battlefield Series
  • Bejeweled Series
  • Black & White Series
  • Burnout Series
  • Command & Conquer Series
  • Crysis Series
  • Dead Space Series
  • Def Jam Series
  • Dragon Age Series
  • Dune Series
  • FIFA Series
  • Left 4 Dead Series
  • Mass Effect Series
  • Need For Speed Series
  • NFL Series
  • NHL Series
  • PGA Tour Series
  • Plants Vs Zombies Series
  • SimCity Series
  • Spore Series
  • The Sims Series
  • Tiger Woods Series
  • Titanfall

Experience An Adventure Of A Lifetime With EA Singapore

EA Singapore presents lots of exciting games that you can play with totally different kind of experience. Immerse in your game as your passion takes you further and deeper into its storyline and game play. With games from EA, you are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime!