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A company that’s synonymous with great sound, Edifier® Technology Company, Ltd was established in Beijing, China in May 1996. This is a brand that’s known all over the world for its superior sound quality and manufacturing standards, design and attention to detail. Edifier does in-house research and development, product design, printed circuit board production (PCB), silk screen printing and final assembly for all products that carry the Edifier brand name. The brand’s forte is in the design and manufacturing of high-end consumer based audio electronics for both the multimedia and lifestyle markets.

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Edifier’s most popular product lines include docking audio, multimedia audio, PC audio, IT lifestyle audio and home lifestyle audio as well. Today, the brand continues to evolve and expand its reach to sound enthusiasts all over the world. Audiophiles in Singapore can find the best discounts for Edifier home theatre systems, Edifier s730, Edifier Aurora and more sound equipment online within the electronics category on iprice.sg.

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