Electrolux provides the best quality and design of kitchen and house appliances. From refrigerators to washing machines to air-conditioners, Electrolux deems itself to be one of the top-most brands in home appliances. Check out some of the best Electrolux appliances below!


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Electrolux EMS3087X

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Electrolux Singapore: Providing the Luxury in Your Home Appliances

Electrolux Singapore: A History of Luxurious Utility

As an overview of what the company is, Electrolux is known as a multinational appliance manufacturer based in Stockholm, Sweden and was founded in 1919. Staying close behind Whirlpool as the world's second-largest appliance maker, Electrolux provides customers with a wide variety of major appliances and vacuum cleaners with the addition of professional-use appliances.

It started as a merger of two Swedish companies; an appliance manufacturer and a vacuum salesman. The company started off focusing on the manufacturing and sales of vacuum cleaners and by 1925, the company added absorption refrigerators that were soon followed by washing machines, dishwashers, and food service equipment.

Now, with a wide variety of electronic appliances that suit the needs of customers, Electrolux moved from Sweden to Georgia, and finally settled in Charlotte, North Carolina, as of December 2009.

Electrolux Refrigerators, Washing Machines, and Vacuum Cleaners Galore!

With a slogan that rings customer care ("Thinking of You"), Electrolux manufactures a wide variety of home appliances that boast quality and utility. With products ranging from refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners, you can expect the thought of, "Electrolux is thinking of me" every moment you are using their products. Having the boast of more than 40 million products sold to customers every year, the company reached the sales of SEK 105 billion in 2008, with the help of 54,000 employees worldwide. The most notable products of the 40 million sold are the Lux Vacuum, "D", Assistant, W 20, D10, and the Electrolux Trilobite. Below are some of the other notable products from Electrolux:


From making simple juices to cooking the perfect home meal, Electrolux has provided you with the necessary kitchen appliance for your easement!

  • Cooker Hoods
  • Hobs
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Oven
  • Table Top Induction Cookers

Air Care

What's more comforting than coming home after a long day of work? Coming back to a home that is cooled by Electrolux air conditioners, of course!

  • Air Conditioner
  • Air Purifier

Small Appliances

Though small compared to their brother and sister products, Electrolux's small appliances are a pleasure to use! With clever details, thoughtful design, and sturdy build, the overall usability is only overshadowed by how they make your life a bit more enjoyable and easier. Good things do come in small packages after all!

Water Heaters

Beat that morning chilling shower with Electrolux's water heaters that provide the best instant hot water through the elegant line of stylishly sleek no pump/with pump heaters. Now you can be warm and clean in the morning!

  • No pump
  • With pump


Laundry is sometimes a chore to some people. But with Electrolux's range of washing machines, doing the laundry is simply a pleasure! All it takes is a few buttons and Electrolux laundry machine will work its magic in cleaning your clothes! Besides, you no longer have to hang your clothes under the sun when you have an Electrolux dryer. Both washers and dryers make laundry less time-consuming and convenient overall.

  • Dryers
  • Washing Machines


Instead of sweeping the floor, let vacuum cleaners help you do the job of clearing debris and dust in every nook and cranny of your house. As a company that started off selling vacuum cleaners, you can be assured that the newer models are top-notch to provide you cleaning prowess for a more relaxing and comfortable living space.


The freshest ingredients for the freshest and most delicious meals to be cooked should come from the best refrigerators, and Electrolux has just that! Electrolux refrigerators are built with the most advanced technology and come with multiple compartments for you to store all kinds of groceries.

  • 2-doors
  • 3-doors
  • 4-doors
  • Side-by-side
  • Wine cooler


Sometimes doing the dishes for a big family can be a hassle. With Electrolux's variety of dishwashers, you can literally spoil yourself by putting your feet up and let Electrolux do the dish-washing for you! Finally, you can catch that last minute of that movie you just had to miss if you're doing the dishes!

Designing Innovation for You: An Electrolux Promise

Electrolux's multitude of products and designs are based on an inspirational philosophy of "Thoughtful Design". As a Holistic approach that claims its root of Scandinavian design tradition, Electrolux aims to develop and apply consumer needs and wants into their products, which entails usability, touch and feel, functionality, visual experience, and overall user experience. From the start of customer interest to the very usage and disposal, Electrolux designs products to generate emotion and desire whilst ensuring rational and functional user experience in accordance with their emotional and functional expectations. Electrolux means business when they implied the slogan, "Thinking of You" in every one of their products.

Other than directly manufacturing products that cater to your individual and housing needs, Electrolux also ensures the perseverance of the environment and sustainability of overall development of their products. The company does this by aiming to reduce adverse environmental impact along the product life cycle while monitoring resource and energy consumption. This leads to the company to be awarded by the European Commission for continuous efforts in improving energy efficiency.

Live, Love, Lux: Electrolux and You

What makes a home perfect can be anything from family to the house in general. But for Electrolux, the perfect home has the perfect home appliances. Be it the need for a refrigerator to keep your cooking ingredients fresh to keeping your floors dust and wet-free--Electrolux has it all. With a name that signifies you can live a luxurious life in terms of electronic appliances and a design philosophy that focuses more on the customer than the number of sales, it renders a great reason for you to get an Electrolux product the soonest you can. Have your pick from Home Improvement, Kitchen & Dining, Home & Living, and Garment Care. We are confident that you will at least be convinced that Electrolux products are top-notch, if not easy on the eyes and riddled with additional features.

Where are Electrolux made?

Electrolux laundry appliances are made in Mexico while its cooking appliances and refrigerators are manufactured in the US.

Where is the model number on Electrolux washer?

The model number can be found along the top of the door opening of front-load washers.

Where is the Electrolux Service Centre in Singapore?

If you would like to have your Electrolux appliance fixed, head to Electrolux Singapore Service Centre which is located at:

1 Fusionopolis Place, Galaxis #07-10 (West Lobby), Singapore 138522

For normal inquiries regarding accessories or spare parts purchase, contact the service centre at +(65) 6727 3699 or email at customer-care.sin@electrolux.com

To save more on your most desired Electrolux appliance, keep an eye out for Electrolux Sale Singapore that occurs on its official website during certain periods of time. This promotion is applicable to wine cabinets, refrigerators, laundry machines, vacuum cleaners, and small kitchen appliances. Meanwhile, check out the price of Electrolux tabletop ovens below!

Best Electrolux Table Top Ovens in Singapore

Electrolux Oven Singapore



Electrolux EOT4805K

S$ 97.00


Electrolux EOT2805K

S$ 60.00

LazMall by Lazada

Electrolux EOT38MXC 38L Electric Oven

S$ 219.00


Electrolux EOT56MXC Electric Oven

S$ 319.00


Electrolux Toaster EOT4550

S$ 105.80