Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual one, chances are you’re familiar with Electronic Arts and their games. Don’t know which EA games to get? Read the article here to find the most successful Electronic Arts’ games and series.

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Best-Selling Electronic Arts Games and Series in Singapore

Electronic Arts, or sometimes abbreviated as EA, have been churning amazing video games since 1982. They have created and released hundreds of outstanding games. The five games and series below are just some of EA’s myriad of video games that you can choose from.

The Sims Series

The first Sims game was launched in the beginning of the millennia in the year 2000. Up to this point, The Sims series has sold over 200 million copies and is deemed as one of the most successful and best-selling video games of all times. In this life simulation game, all you have to do is create and customize your characters before building a place to live and decorating it. Then, you can either build a family or a career depending on the wish you’ve given your character in the beginning. With multiple expansion and gaming packs, the options are endless.

Battlefield Series

As another series of games on this list, Battlefield has raked over 50 million players worldwide. The first Battlefield game, Battlefield 1942, was launched in 2002 and since then, there have been 11 stand-alone games and 12 expansion packs that followed. The premise of this first-person shooter is simple: you players engage in online multiplayer battles controlling after choosing their class and ranks. Depending on your class, you will get different primary weapons and equipment useful in the field. Based on your achievements, you can receive new medals, ribbons, and pins, just like a real-life soldier.

Mass Effect Series

The Mass Effect series comprises of role-playing, third-person shooter action game that was first introduced in 2007. The story of Mass Effect games follows a soldier who was given a mission to save the galaxy from mechanical aliens called “the Reapers”. The soldier, Commander Shepard, was the protagonist in the original trilogy. The latest game, Mass Effect: Andromeda which was launched in 2017, follows a new protagonist in a new series with a lighter tone. Outside of the trilogy, there have been spin-offs that were launched like Mass Effect Galaxy and Mass Effect Infiltrator.

FIFA Series

This entry is one of the brainchildren of Electronic Arts’ subsidiary, EA Sports. FIFA is a football simulation where you can play as any of your favorite football teams and change the lineup of the teams however you’d like. It is the only video game to have the official license of world football governing body, FIFA (hence, the title). Since its creation in 1993, players can pick from the teams of German Bundesliga, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and international country teams. Another strong feature of this series is the likeness of the football players as the games progress. Other EA Sports games include Madden NFL, NBA, and NHL series.


Although not a series, this multiplayer first-person shooter has become many gamers’ favorite. Released in 2014, Titanfall allows players to control pilots who will then maneuver gigantic mechanical robots called Titans. The exoskeleton robots will then help the pilots in solving conflicts and completing missions in a derelict, war-torn colonies on outer space. Since its release, Titanfall have won more than 60 awards because of its balance, mobility, and accessibility for players of all skill sets.

These are just a few of Electronic Arts’ best-selling series of games and it doesn’t even cover other influential games like UFC, Plants vs. Zombies, Need for Speed, and Dead Space. The only way to find out is to play them and to play them, you have to buy them. Get discounted Electronic Arts games here on iPrice Singapore.