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Far from being obsolete, the MP3 player can be your great companion that allows you to enjoy your favorite music, wherever you go. Read about MP3 Players here.

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MP3 Players Singapore- Dedicated Music Players That Touch Lives

Despite the advent of smartphones and tablets that have seemingly taken over the role of playing music, the humble MP3 players are still relevant as they are still being designed to be in touch with the latest innovations in the market. In other words, the MP3 players are here to stay because they are also evolving along with other electronic devices. Nowadays, MP3 players do not just play audio in solely MP3 format as they can play other media types and file formats.

In order to compete with smartphones and tablets, more MP3 players boast other unique features such as playing videos, subscription-based music library, games and other applications or even taking pictures. With such variety of features that can be found in the MP3 players, MP3 players are pretty far from being obsolete. Even if smartphones and tablets can play audio, you can still MP3 players because they are really dedicated in playing high quality audio that can be said to be accurate in reproducing the original audio when you compare them with smartphones and tablets. Not only that, you can easily use MP3 players especially when you are on the move as they are even more portable.

Tips That You Should Know When Selecting Your MP3 Players

When it comes to getting a MP3 player, there is a number of tips that you should know so that you can get the one that really suits you. Nowadays, MP3 players can be bigger than the standard MP3 player size as some of them sport longer and wider screens that provide better viewing experience as you are watching videos such as movies on them.

In other words, you should consider resolution, screen size and display quality if you want to watch videos on the MP3 players. In addition, you should check whether that MP3 player is able to support other sound formats so that you will not be disappointed when it is unable to play that song. The other crucial factor about selecting your MP3 player is obviously about its pricing; you should consider whether it is a dedicated music player or a moden multipurpose electronic device. If it is the former that you want, you really do not need to spend that much.

Top Brands That Make The Finest MP3 Players in Singapore

Astell & Kern
renowned for designing high quality MP3 players that provide superior audio quality, Astell & Kern continues to surprise the world with its premium products. One of its products, Astell & Kern Junior, has been regarded as one of the top MP3 players in the Users' Choice category as it has redefine what it means in listening to music. Not only that, it also possesses great build quality that combines with sharper, more detailed audio experience. Boasting the responsive touch screen display, you can use it like a smartphone.
Apple iPod
already a familiar name in the world of electronic devices, Apple sets the trend and pace of MP3 player industry. Its excellent Apple iPod Touch has been rated as one of the three MP3 players that people love to get. Featuring powerful processor that can run latest applications, the latest Apple iPod Touch is sleek MP3 player that comes with 8MP camera which is way better than its previous model. Despite being just a MP3 player, it also offers beautiful graphic display that can be compared with other flagship models.
When it comes to providing reliable MP3 players that can offer amazing audio experience, Fiio is the brand that comes to mind. One reason behind its popularity is because of its affordable MP3 players that are able to surprise its customers with their sharp and powerful audio performance. Providing high quality audio that will impress true audiophiles, the Fiio M3 is another popular Fiio MP3 player that has won the hearts of those that listen to music with it. Not only that, this Fiio MP3 player is also really affordable and it punches above its weight.
Boasting a long history of making portable audio system, Sony is definitely the brand that resonates through the decades with its popular portable audio products. When talking about Sony MP3 players, its Sony Walkman line contains several models that serve its users well as it is both portable and powerful MP3 player.

Listen & Enjoy Your Favorite Music Wherever You Go

No matter what you are doing, the handy MP3 player proves to be your dedicated companion that plays your favorite music as you can use it comfortably without any fuss. Just pair it with a powerful headphones as well.