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GameBoy Singapore: The Grand Daddy of Them All

The gaming consoles of today wouldn’t be what they are now if it wasn’t because of Nintendo's Gameboy. It was a turning point of the gaming era as Gameboy redefined how games should be, aesthetically and game play wise. Everyone loved this little piece of package that housed the revolutionary gaming engine of its time. It was first launched in Japan, back in 1989. Since then, the gaming scene underwent a never ending evolution until it turned to what it is now.

Video Games Singapore, Literally at the Palm of Your Hands

It is without a doubt that this pocket sized piece of gaming technology gave the gamers all over the world the kind of gaming experience that they deserved during the peak of its popularity. Despite the various pocket gaming consoles’ major overhaul as the years have passed, many still find the grand daddy of them all as entertaining as it used to be back in the days. Gameboy still continues to not just pass on its legacy to the newer generation gaming consoles, but also in entertaining gamers with top notch game play despite of its graphics falling short in meeting today’s standard.
Nintendo Gameboy is a very straightforward gaming device: you simply plug in the gaming cartridge, press the power button to switch it on, then your game will run on its small but colorful screen immediately. Unlike the handheld gaming consoles of today, it lets you dive directly into the game rather than let you endure a series of options before you could play.

Nothing beats the Classics

Most if not all of the beloved video game characters of today were first introduced by Gameboy: Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokémon, Zelda and a lot more. These games were the game changer and they were the games that influenced many games today to become character driven and bestow them with stand out personalities. Also, the characters from these games can now be considered as an icon, because they’re now considered as the epitome of what a video game characters should be like.
All throughout its run, the number of games that were developed for the Gameboy is over 450 titles. All your favorite classic Nintendo characters and games, from all the gaming genre that started it all, Game boy have them covered.

Smaller Does Not Mean Less

Nothing beats the original. That is why despite the augmentation that these iconic characters have been from older gaming platforms to the newer ones across time, playing them in their primitive version remains as entertaining as they’re now in the newer gaming platforms. Maybe because it’s because of nostalgia or simply because they’re just plain good, Gameboy will always make those long commutes a tad less boring.
The Gameboy is available in a different size and colors. It’s first release back in early 1990s limited its color to grey, however it was given a fresh take an was eventually painted with a variety of some solid colors like pink, blue and black. Also, the smaller sized Gameboys didn’t come out until the late 1990s. Its downsized version did not affect its ability to deliver quality, instead it added more convenience in playing the platforms lovable games.