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Want to watch all your favourite movies and series in high-definition? Now you can with Blu-Ray Singapore on iprice. Get original Blu-Ray media at affordable prices right here. Find out more below.

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High-definition Blu-Ray technology in Singapore

First there was the transistor radio. Then there was the vinyl disk player. Subsequently there came the era of the cassette player. The CD and DVD era then took over till now, we have Blu-Ray players. Electronic have advanced significantly in one lifetime that we can enjoy a spectrum of sights and sounds just from one output stimulus. What a beauty! Blu-Ray media give us the means not only for entertainment, but also educate us on the world outside. Now with Blu-Ray products in Singapore, you too can have top-notch entertainment and versatile electronic players for a High Definition experience.

Blu-Ray and VCD, what’s the difference?

Take a look at Blu-Ray discs and you’ll ask the question: How is it different from ordinary video compact discs? Without a doubt, the two look the same on the outside, but the magic is what goes on inside. Blu-Ray, also known as BRD (Blu-Ray Disc) is a storage disc that can typically hold up to 50GB of information. That’s a whole lot more than conventional CDs. What this translates to is crystal-clear high-definition video. Blu-Ray players support high-definition features to give you the best in visual graphics and audio systems.

The biggest names in electronics such as Sony, JVC, Philips, LG, Sharp and many more are all Blu-Ray compatible these days. Even computer companies such as Dell, HP, Apple and Acer all have DVD drives that can play Blu-Ray functions. Now that you know how Blu-Ray works, let’s look at what Blu-Ray products you can get online.

Movies in Singapore with Blu-Ray

Whenever we buy DVDs or VCDs, the first thing we look for is clarity. Even before considering whether the disc is original or pirated, we look at how clear it is. With Blu-Ray technologies, you won’t have to worry. If it’s said to be a Blu-Ray copy, it’s confirmed – clear! This is exceptionally true when buying movies online. You want a clear, HD copy of the cinematic experience. Shopping in Singapore for Blu-Ray items is easy and affordable by shopping online at iprice.

Blu-Ray media

You may look all over for Blu-Ray movies and series, but it will be hard to find the right selection at the cheapest prices. iprice solves your problem by offering affordable Blu-Ray media at affordable pricing. Choose from movie such as:

  • Top Gun
  • Divergent
  • Avengers – Age of Ultron
  • The Smurfs
  • Ninja turtles
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

And many, many more. Not to mention, there are also hundreds of series such as Game of Thrones, True Blood and Dexter. Choose from original Blu-Ray series right here.

Blu-Ray players

Now that you have your Blu-Ray media to play, you’ll need Blu-Ray players. Blu-Ray players offer full high-definition capabilities to play all your favourite media. Browse the biggest names in the electronics industry such as:

  • LG Blu-Ray
  • Samsung Blu-Ray
  • Panasonic Blu-Ray

Each with its own set of multifunction features to give you a holistic viewing experience, you can’t go wrong shopping for Blu-Ray players online. So what are you waiting for? Just browse the selections online and get the best in Blu-Ray technology and media today! Happy Shopping!