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4 Reasons to Choose Element Cases in Singapore

iPhones have made an epic impact on technology and our lives in Singapore. The latest iPhone models, in particular, cater to a select type of user. Both old and young have factions of iPhone fanatics. Given the rise of Apple in the smartphone market, we find accessories to match it. One of the brands that compliment the Apple iPhone is Element Case. Element Case in Singapore is widely popular as the number one brand of iPhone cases. As soon as a new iPhone model comes out, you know Element Case will be there with protection.

Military-grade protection

Most established brands in the market zero in on their target market using unique selling points (USP). These USPs help the potential consumer determine if the product is relevant for him/her. As for Element Case, one of its USPs is in its design. As the brand projects a sturdy, military feel to it, each product is carefully designed to match its protection level.

Element Case sports a design that goes well with its protective capabilities. The most popular casing is angular and supports a rugged, manly shape. Colours for these popular Element Case covers are also limited to shades of black, grey, and brown with small variations of other colours thrown in.

Another one of Element Case’s unique selling points is the military-grade protection. Each case cover is designed to withstand maximum impact without transferring the impact onto your smartphone. Shock-absorbent technology is retrofitted into each module before testing the product. This is most obvious with the Element Case Black Ops series. Check out more from the Element Case phones & tablets page.

Get in the element – Choose your Style

Choosing a phone cover is much like choosing a set of clothes. It all depends on our styling preference. Most of us will choose design over practicality, but why not get both? If it’s a combination of classy elegance with sturdy protection, you are most likely looking for the Element Case Katana series.

If you want a masculine, military aura guarding your precious smartphone, choose the Black Ops or Sector series. These famous series are known to withstand enormous amounts of pressure when it comes to giving your smartphone a protective layer. Element Case is so durable, it may even outlast your iPhone.

Fuelled by adrenaline, Element Case makes every casing in its Sector series to cater to the active lifestyle. If this is your choice, you can rest assured that your style meets functionality. Go running, hiking, road-tripping or workout and bring your phone along with you.

Before you choose your phone casing, you need to know what your options are. Here are some of the featured collections you can get from Element Case:

  • Element Case Katana
  • Element Case Black Ops
  • Element Case Sector
  • Element Case Solace LX

Some of Element Case popular models:

  • Element Case CFX Military Drop Tested Case
  • Element Case Aura Premium Protective Case
  • Element Case Element ION 6 Case
  • Element Case Element Soft-Tec Wallet Case for iPhone 6

Element Case for all iPhones

Although the brand is exclusively made for iPhones, the variety of products is vast. Element Case covers protection casings for all the latest models of iPhones. In particular, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases have become a hit with Apple users. Among some popular models in Singapore, we find the Black Ops iPhone 7 case, CFX iPhone 7 case and the Sector iPhone 7 case to be the top.

For the earlier iPhone models, Element Case also presents technology that is updated to fit them. Simply browse the selection above to find more products for the older models. The same series that protects the iPhone 7 can be used for the iPhone 6 too. Element Case provides for older models up to the iPhone 5 and 5S. You can still find these available online.

Predict the next iPhone with Element Case Singapore

We on this side of the world tend to receive Apple news a little later than the West. Fortunately, we can predict what our next iPhone will look like thanks to Element Case Singapore. Keeping up with the latest trends from Apple, Element Case gives us a sneak peek into the world of the upcoming iPhone series and allows us to book our phone cases early in advance. This way, you will have your phone cover even before the next iPhone hits the Apple Store. What’s better, if iPhone’s next variant is the same dimensions of size as the current one, you get to keep your current Element Case!

Now that you know more about Element Case, it’s time to look for your very own iPhone casing. Get Military-grade protection for your iPhone today!

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