Elephone Singapore is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company that produces amazing smartphones that are both reliable and easy to use by anyone. Looking for a good smartphone? Read more about them here.

Elephone Phones & Tablets

Elephone Singapore, value packed smartphones

A Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, Elephone was established at the end of 2006 in Shen Zhen, China - where most electronic companies in Asia are located in. Elephone started out by putting a lot of focus on their research and development for mobile communication products, as well as on the many aspects of sales and services. With their immense focus on research and development and the effective skills of their many employees, Elephone wants their smartphones to be available to many people all over the globe.

Elephone Singapore smartphones are one of the best value packed smartphone brands out there. Their lengthy focus has given them all the skills and experiences to produce amazing smartphones at very affordable prices. However, Elephone is not only about their smartphone models. Each smartphone model is sold to customers with a peace of mind because of their excellent services post-sales.

Elephone Singapore smartphones

Elephone Singapore only provides Android smartphones with the best specifications that are available for their customers. With selected Mediatek computer processors and 1GB or 2GB RAM, each Elephone Singapore smartphone is sure to perform very well running your mobile phone tasks. Large storage spaces of up to 16GB also enables you to store all your favourite phone applications, pictures and videos.