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“Nothing outlasts the Energizer battery. It keeps going, and going, and going…”

Flashbacks of the iconic Energizer bunny appear when we think of the age-old brand, Energizer. As alkaline batteries were big in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Energizer made a name for itself especially in Singapore. When we thought of batteries, we thought Energizer. Close competitors for Energizer in Singapore at that time were Duracell and Eveready. Even then, they were no match for the power and long-lasting charge Energizer batteries gave. It’s no surprise then that Energizer batteries are still the preferred choice till today. The only difference between now and 2 decades ago is the ability to shop online for Energizer batteries in Singapore. Where better to shop for Energizer batteries than on iprice! iprice has a huge selection of Energizer products from batteries to home devices. Find out more with the links below.

The Energizer battery – Revolutionizing electrical power

When electricity was first used to power tools, most electrical tools required a wire to connect them to a power source. This fuelled the search of a power cell. With the 90s came an array of batteries of all shapes and sizes. Each for its own specific purpose, some for smaller electronic devices such as flashlights, and some for bigger tools. One company that emerged to become a leader in this field was Energizer. Energizer is an American company manufacturing batteries and power cells. Originally from the Eveready Battery Company, the company changed its name to Energizer in 1986. Although the company is more often known for batteries and fuel cells, there are many other names associated with Energizer. Some of Energizer’s acquisitions as a company were:

  • Banana Boat (sunscreen)
  • Playtex
  • Schick

These days, the company’s repertoire in the industry is known for its humanitarian efforts and pursuit for clean energy. Energizer’s response to natural disasters in the form of humanitarian aid came when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. Working closely with the Red Cross, Energizer was able to donate and provide for those affected. Still relevant till today, Energizer has made its mark on technology and continues to get the limelight thanks to its durability and reliability.

Energizer batteries

When shopping online for Energizer products, Energizer batteries are seemingly the most popular request. It’s time we lay out some information about Energizer batteries so you could better and quicker choose your much needed batteries. To simplify things, Energizer batteries, much like any other brands out there, have specifications for all types of fuel cells. From AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and Specialty, Energizer range of batteries expands vast. The list of all Energizer battery series are as follows:

  • Energizer EcoAdvanced
  • Energizer Max
  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium
  • Energizer Advanced Lithium
  • Energizer Recharge
  • Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Energizer Photo Batteries
  • Energizer Specialty Batteries

The most commonly used Energizer battery would be Energizer Max – the signature red Energizer packing, Energizer Recharge and Energizer Lithium series. Each series has their own benefits. Energizer Max series features batteries that last a shorter time period. As regular alkali batteries, Energizer Max are good for items such as clocks and flashlights. Energizer Recharge however can be used multiple times by recharging every time it drains off. These are good for constant use throughout the day such as DSLR camera photography. It’s always good to have a few extra so you could alternate between the fully charged as they run out of juice. The most powerful of the Energizer battery series are the Energizer Ultimate Lithium and Energizer Advanced Lithium models. If you’re looking for power, these will give you a run for your money.

Energizer chargers

Did you know that Energizer also makes neat battery chargers and power banks? Energizer charger series comes in a few lines. Energizer battery chargers come in a big variety. From the 5600mAH output to the 15000mAH output, you can choose the various power output depending on the device you want to charge. Some of Energizer battery pack series are:

  • Energizer Pro Charger
  • Energizer Smart Charger
  • Energizer Rapid Charger
  • Energizer Value Charger
  • Energizer Universal Charger
  • Energizer Value Charger

Energizer Lighting

Before the time of Energizer chargers, the company was mostly involved in batteries. But did you know that Energizer has a huge stake in lighting. Energizer lighting starts with flashlights, hands free lighting and area lighting. You would have definitely have seen Energizer flashlights in stores, usually next to or at the battery aisle in the supermarket. Energizer flashlights go well with Energizer batteries. Besides Energizer flashlights, there are Energizer hands free lamps and lighting. Suitable for night activity, specifically outdoor activity, Energizer hands free lighting has head lamps and strap on lamps.

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