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Estée Lauder Micro Essence Mask Set 微分子超导修护面膜组
S$ 46.70

中文品名:ESTEE LAUDER雅诗兰黛 微分子超导修护面膜组 规格: ESTEE LAUDER雅诗兰黛 特润超导眼部修护霜(3ML) ESTEE LAUDER雅诗兰黛 微分子肌底原生露(30ML)X2 ESTEE LAUDER雅诗兰黛 微分子晶透面膜(1Sheet)X2 ◆保存方法:请置于阴凉处,请勿直接阳光照射,以免变质。 ◆注意事项: ◎使用后若有过敏请即刻停止使用,并请教医生。 ◎因计算机屏幕设定及个人观感之差异,本卖场之商品图片仅供参考,以收到实际商品为准。 #ESTEE LAUDER #micro #essence #mask #set #TWCollection #FromTW #Taiwan#TWCollectionHealth&Beauty (1) All of our products are shipped from Taiwan. It will take 3-5 days for preparation and 5-10 days for shipping. Expected 7-15 days altogether once we receive order. (2) Due to long distance delivery, exchange is not acceptable in our store. (3) Request of return is only accepted if buyers receive wrong or faulty product, please contact us by Chats as it happens. (4) Buyer will not receive refund if items are not remained in original packing or condition. TW Collection possesses the right to make final approval. (5) Please note the free shipping subsidy might be changed in different events and policy launched in our shop. (6) The colors of our products might slightly differ from the photo due to lights and the brightness of monitor. Please remain the product as actual color. All return & refund will not be entertained by this Placing the order means you consent your agreement to all above.

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