Looking to stand out of the crowd with your clothing style? Look no further with Etro online store in Singapore. Check out below for more information about their products.

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Etro online store in Singapore: Bold, vibrant and completely unique

Etro produces elegant, versatile, and cool men’s and women’s clothing and accessories influenced by the characteristics of the bohemian spirit of the late 70s and 80s. The Etro clothing collection is a combination of vibrant colours, gorgeous styles, and patterns all made from high-quality materials. The women’s collection on the Etro online store in Singapore features tube tops, kimonos, overcoats, jackets and more. As for men’s, it features polo shirts, cardigans, denim pants, blazers, Bermudas and more.

Fragrances that ignite your senses

Etro online store in Singapore not only caters stylish wear for fashionistas, they are also known for their exciting collection of fragrances. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the brand’s perfumed range of bath and body products such as their shower gels, body milk, liquid soaps, and shampoos. You can also choose from their range of light to heavy perfume scents such as Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum. Pair these fragrances to your favourite Etro clothing to enhance the overall appeal of your style.

How to dress for all occasions for men and women with Etro

The clothing’s available on Etro Singapore are very versatile; it can be worn for many occasions. Most importantly, one should know how to pair them with the right clothing. This is because the way a person dresses tells a lot about their personality. Moreover, knowing how to present ourselves in the events we partake in is a way of showing respect to the occasion and the people around it. Below is a simple guide on how to dress for various occasions with Etro online store in Singapore.


Depending on the theme the bride and groom decide on, most weddings typically have a formal dress code. Deciding on what to wear for a wedding is a stress-inducing experience especially for women because not only you are dressing to impress, your choice of formal wear should not overshadow the bride’s big day. It is also advisable to steer clear of short dresses that are too revealing, knee-length dresses are still acceptable. With Etro online clothing in Singapore, women have a variety of maxi, knee-length, cocktail, and print dresses to choose from. The designs on the dresses go from avant-garde to eccentric.

For men, the go-to choice is always a nice dress shirt paired with a blazer. Men tend to go for safer choices such as the classic black blazer. Instead, they should not shy away from bold, lighter shades such as emerald, beige or red. Not only do Etro Singapore have coloured blazers, they come in interesting designs like the brand’s signature paisley pattern, vertical stripes, tartan and many more. If still in doubt, Etro have readymade suits that spare you the hassle of mixing and matching your outfit.


It is always best to make a good first impression in an interview and part of doing so is to dress appropriately. Women should generally pair a suit with a simple skirt or pants. Ensure that your skirt is modest such as the Etro knee length skirt. A pencil skirt such as the Etro Black Zip Detail Pencil Skirt would also go well with a suit. If a suit is not your ideal work wear, you can opt for a plain collared blouse. Pairing your collared blouse with Etro casual pants is another way of dressing to look smart. Your pants should sit nicely around your ankle area; any further up would be a big no-no.

For men, it is always advisable to dress in a professionally appropriate manner. Other than suits, a nice dress shirt, tie, and tailored pants will do just the trick. The designs on a dress shirt should be clean and simple, and with Etro online store in Singapore, there are ranges of classic designs to choose from.

First Dates

The key to leaving a good impression on a first date is to dress like how you normally do. This is because; trying too hard might play against you. Women do not need to do much to impress, but the outfit should not be too casual or laid-back. For example, a nice dress or skinny jeans with an oversized sweater would work wonders. For men, it would be ideal for them to dress in jeans and shirts with necessary accessories that would show off their personality.

Other products available on Etro online clothing store in Singapore

  • Footwear - Pick from a variety of uniquely designed Etro footwear like sneakers, flats, loafers, pumps, wedges, and sandals.
  • Accessories - Utilizing accessories will vamp up any person’s look, because accessories act as an extension to one's outfit. With Etro online clothing you can pair your outfit with bags, cufflinks and tie clips, and brooches.
  • Grooming - Make your men smell good with Etro shaving supplies, such as lightweight fragrances of aftershave.