Because of its organic and effective ways, TCM or traditional Chinese medicine has been taking Southeast Asia by storm. Eu Yan Sang Singapore offers its wide array of alternative choices when it comes to health and beauty for men, women, and children. Make the right choice with the wide array of TCM products below or click here to know more about Eu Yan Sang Singapore.


Experience Excellent Traditional Chinese Medicine with Eu Yan Sang Singapore

If you want a life of full vitality, then it’s time for you to go organic. Eu Yan Sang Singapore has been providing excellent quality TMC or traditional Chinese medicine since 1873. Using only the best organic raw materials from 1,000 different Chinese herbs and medicinal products, Eu Yan Sang gives you great alternatives in medicine, health and beauty, food supplements, and many more. Promoting a healthier future and creating balance with nature, Eu Yan Sang Singapore gives you the opportunity to go organic and live better, longer lives.

Eu Yan Sang Singapore - Pioneers of Traditional Healing

Eu Yan Sang Singapore can be traced as far back as 1873, when Eu Kong first migrated to a mining town in Gopeng, Perak from Guangdong province, China. Eu Kong introduced traditional Chinese medicine to locals as a way to mitigate poor health and living conditions in the area. This eventually led to Kong’s first medicine shop in 1879, which he came up with the name “Yan Sang”, or literally meaning “caring for mankind”. This phrase would later influence the business’ core values, to provide the best traditional healing for the masses.

Today, Eu Yan Sang Singapore has greatly expanded thanks to the efforts and dedication of Eu Kong’s only son, Eu Tong Sen. Knowing his father’s passion for traditional medicine, Tong Sen expanded TCM to other markets in Hong Kong, China, and later Singapore. The company has enjoyed a seat in success as one of the pioneering TCM provider in Asia with superior products using only the finest organic ingredients for everyone. Men, women, and children can enjoy the benefits of living a healthier, more organic lifestyle with Eu Yan Sang Singapore.

What Eu Yan Sang Singapore can offer for your health

Eu Yan Sang Singapore gives you the opportunity to improve your lifestyle; a lifestyle without exposing your body to harmful chemicals. The brand can give you a healthy overhaul of all the products that you use on your body, leaving nothing but the goodness of nature. From the simplest cough medicines, and food supplements, to skin care products, Eu Yan Sang Singapore delivers only the finest to alleviate any problems and improve your life.

There are tons and tons of different products that Eu Yan Sang can offer to their consumers. To improve you and your children’s immune system, you can take Eu Yan Sang Brazillian Green Propolis. For immediate cough relief, Eu Yan Sang offers a Bee Propolis-plus cough nectar. For working professionals, two capsules of Eu Yan Sang American Ginseng capsule with warm water can help alleviate stress, and relieve fatigue. Expecting mothers can also enjoy the benefits of traditional medicine. With Eu Yan Sang Chlorella food supplements, you can enhance your immune system without the risk of harming your baby. To lower down cholesterol for senior citizens, Eu Yan Sang Singapore has Hong Qu capsules made from 400mg of fermented monascus purpureus to promote blood circulation, improve digestion, and prevent stagnation. Detoxification is also possible everyday with Eu Yan Sang using its very own Rooibus tea to relieve stomach pains, cramps, allergies, and headaches.

There are so many things that Eu Yan Sang Singapore can offer. With the use of organic ingredients with zero chemicals, you can improve your health and daily lifestyle. It’s time to make healthier life choices with Eu Yan Sang Singapore.

Go organic with Eu Yan Sang Singapore

In this day and age, organic living is almost impossible because of the amount of chemicals that we subconsciously use from the medicine we take, down to the food we consume. Eu Yan Sang Singapore supports individuals who make better life choices; choosing to go green and live healthier lives. It starts with our basic food choices, and the type of products that we use on our bodies, and later influencing other people to do the same.

Healthy benefits of going green with Eu Yan Sang

There are a lot of reasons why you should go organic with Eu Yan Sang Singapore, so remember to make healthier life choices and choose to live life to the fullest with Eu Yan Sang!

  • Organic food is safer and has more nutrients compared to processed goods in cans or in fast food chains.
  • For food afficionados, making healthier choices in ingredients gives off a better taste compared to processed food.
  • You can eat and consume your food with a clear conscience knowing that the meat that you eat is cruelty-free, and like vegetables and fruits, they tend to be more savory with less fat.
  • Going organic on your food choices not only improves your lifestyle but also restores balance to the environment. Not only are you avoiding food laced with pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, you are also saving the planet.

Eu Yan Sang Singapore gives you the opportunity to make healthier and better life choices for you and your family. Take a look at Eu Yan Sang’s wide array of products here and live a better, fuller life!