Boasting a variety of household appliances, EuropAce is your trusted household brand when it comes to affordable home solutions. Read more about EuropAce Singapore and discover our list of recommended products below.


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Europace EFW 5700S S$ 399.00 Lazada
Europace EPAC12T2 S$ 389.00 Shopee
Europace EAC397 Portable Air Conditioner S$ 888.00 Lazada
EuropAce ESF 3140V Standing Fan S$ 28.00 Shopee
Europace EDH 6251S S$ 575.00 Lazada
Europace EDY 5701T Tumble Dryer S$ 389.00 Shopee
Europace EDY 5701S S$ 390.00 Shopee
Europace EPAC14T8 S$ 749.00 Shopee
Europace ER9250 S$ 158.00 Lazada
Europace EDH 358B S$ 719.00 Lazada
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Europace EFW 5700S

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EuropAce Singapore - Inspiring Simple & Sophisticated Lifestyle

Nowadays, the importance of household appliances cannot be overstated as these appliances are so integral to our lives that we are unable to live without them. In addition, the presence of household appliances does make a real difference because they are making your lives easier and more comfortable. For instance, can you imagine how hard it is to keep your food (especially the leftover ones) fresh and hygienic without a refrigerator? Having a refrigerator in your home definitely helps you to save money as you are able to keep your food fresh and you do not have to dispose of them sooner. However, the refrigerator is just one of many household appliances that everyone uses.

Despite this, there are a lot of brands and manufacturers in this market but the majority of them are producing them with subpar quality that can ruin your life instead of helping you. This is where EuropAce can help you: designing household appliances that not only make your life convenient but also enhance your own lifestyle as well. With such passion and drive in making sure that its products are built with exacting specifications, EuropAce is also dedicated to enhancing them with the latest technological innovations; incorporating innovations that really matter to our lifestyles.

EuropAce Singapore - Trusted Since 1992

Established in 1992, EuropAce Singapore was founded to design and manufacture household products that are inspired by the European way of life: efficient and sophisticated at the same time. Throughout its history, EuropAce has been able to make its way in this oversaturated market. Thanks to its growing familiarity with the requirements and demands by its customers, EuropAce continues to garner much support and recognition in the market because it is able to provide much-needed solutions that everyone wants.

One of these solutions is about cost as EuropAce products are fairly affordable especially when you consider its performance and durability. In addition, EuropAce is quite versatile because it is able to manufacture a vast array of household appliances. This shows that EuropAce is always expanding its resources and expertise so that its customers can enjoy the performance and pricing that its products boast.

EuropAce Singapore - Pushing The Boundaries Of Innovation

Believing in going the extra mile for its customers, it is unsurprising that EuropAce is counted as one of the recognised ''quality home appliance" brand. In addition, EuropAce did not believe in promoting modernity needs of being efficient, sophisticated and convenient at the expense of cost. This is why you will find that EuropAce is committed to keeping the pricing of its products as low as possible.

  • Outcome Oriented: EuropAce is always active in testing its products extensively before releasing them in the market because it wants all of its products to be able to deliver the performance as expected by its users. In other words, EuropAce products are reliable as you can use them longer than usual. Moreover, you do not need to spend additional money and time to repair them as they are less prone to breakdown.
  • Innovations That Matter: Generally, innovation is being introduced in order to enhance the product's value and performance so that users can enjoy its usage more. However, many manufacturers just love to introduce innovations in its products that do not really benefit its users while raising their price as if to justify the cost of incorporating such innovation. Here in EuropAce, it believes only in implementing innovations that really matter in a way that they truly benefit its users.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: As the name "EuropAce'' is not a stranger in a world of household appliances, many customers, critics and users alike often praise EuropAce for producing household products that really make such a huge difference in their lives. Always never fail to deliver, EuropAce products will not disappoint you as their performances often surprise their users when one takes account of their affordable prices.

Top EuropAce Singapore Products That Can Transform Your Lives

Providing affordable solutions that everyone can have in their homes, EuropAce products are also designed to be energy efficient as well. This means you get to enjoy its usage while consuming less energy and this helps to keep your energy bill low at the same time. Below is a list of EuropAce products we highly recommend for any household.

EuropAce Air Fryer

The benefits of an air fryer are many: it can cook your meal any meal without using oil as well as being easy to clean up. In addition, you can enjoy a healthier meal because your meal will be less oily than usual. Through the power of hot air circulation, the air fryer actually cooks your meal from all sides. As an alternative healthier choice, air fryer now redefines the meaning of healthy cooking at home. EuropAce air fryers are famous for being efficient as they generate less heat when you compare with other brands.

  • EuropAce EAO133P 5-in-1 Digital Air Fryer 4.5L - With this EuropAce air fryer, you can do 5 things with just one device, namely baking, frying, grilling, roasting and steaming. Boasting 4.5L capacity, you can even throw one whole chicken in it. Designed to be light, it is actually portable that you can bring it around without any problem.
  • EuropAce EAF333Q 3.2L Air Fryer - Featuring 3-dimensional circulation of heat, you can now prepare your meals effectively like never before.
  • EuropAce EAF 5321S Air Fryer - Possibly the cheapest yet high-quality air fryer on the market, this one features a 30-minute timer, 80-200⁰C temperature setting, 3-dimensional heat circulation and a non-stick coating food basket, making cleaning less of a hassle. It comes with simple controls, hence its ease of use if one of the main characteristics that renders it a bestseller.

EuropAce Humidifier

As we are spending longer hours at home or office like never before, your skin can be easily dry due to low humidity. That is why an air humidifier is a must-have thing in your office or office. Keeping your skin healthy is the task of EuropAce humidifiers.

EuropAce Portable Air Conditioner

Thanks to modern technology, you can now bring your air conditioner to any place you go. One of the great advantages of EuropAce portable air conditioners is that it saves a lot of electricity.

EuropAce EPAC 12C Portable Air Conditioner - This EuropAce product is truly one of its kind as it possesses the capabilities of air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier at the same time. Even as a portable air conditioner, the EuropAce EPAC 12C Portable Air Conditioner is still being regarded as the more compact version among other portable air conditioners. This means that it is even easier for you to carry it around while helping to save more space when placing it in your hall, room, office or other places where space is limited. Despite its relatively compact size, it actually boasts powerful cooling capacity as well as rotary compressor.

EuropAce EPAC 14T6 Portable Air Conditioner - What’s better than an air conditioner? One that comes with four functions including air purification and dehumidification! This is owing to its HEPA filter that can remove airborne particles effectively, keeping your surrounding air clean and fresh. Living in a humid place, it calls for a dehumidifier to remove moisture in the air, and this EuropAce air conditioner will do the job for you. Despite being able to perform multiple functions, it’s actually quite energy-efficient, meaning that it won’t cause a spike in your electricity bills.

EuropAce Electric Oven

For Singaporean households that don’t have a built-in oven, an electric oven is essential to perform various cooking methods from roasting and toasting to grilling and baking. EuropAce electric ovens are easy to use and are designed to be portable. Simply store the oven away in your cabinet when it’s no longer needed.

EuropAce ETO 1091S Toaster Oven - This is for all dough product lovers. By dough, we mean pizzas, pastries, buns, bread, croissants, etc. With 9 litres of capacity, it can accommodate a pizza of up to 8 inches. Featuring a 250-degree Celsius temperature setting, 60-minute timer, this no-frills oven has simple controls for temperature and timer adjustment. Furthermore, its removable wire rack and crumb tray make cleaning so much easier too.

EuropAce EEO 5301T Electric Oven - Being the best value-for-money oven, this one has 30 litres of capacity, which is ideal for a standard family size of 5. What’s special about this oven is it comes with a rotisserie spit, rotisserie handle, 2 wire racks, drip pan, a crumb tray. All of these enable the cooking of raw meat like fish, whole chicken, beef, etc. A whole chicken will only require 30 to 40 minutes to cook at 175 to 200⁰C. For the price offered, anyone who enjoys the convenience of an oven should opt for this model.

Enhance Your Lifestyle With EuropAce Singapore

Given the myriad of different household brands in the market, it can be difficult to choose the one that can really make your life easier and more convenient. Owing to its vast experience in understanding its customers, EuropAce products are definitely designed to suit your lifestyle. Often simple and easy to use, EuropAce products are specifically tailored to enhance your living standard by ensuring your health and well being. For the latest EuropAce household products, you can take a look at this EuropAce home & living collection.