Europace is a company that prides themselves in offering the best cooling solution for homes in Singapore. Some of the first few products from Europace Singapore were their aircon, air coolers, and fans. You can take a look at the best fans Europace Singapore has to offer below.


Types of Fans you can get from Europace Singapore

One of the cheapest cooling solutions you can get in Singapore for your home is fans. Europace Singapore offers a variety of portable fans and non-portable fans. The brand also ensures that the products sold continue to meet the high standards of Europe while staying cost effective to the consumers in Singapore. Here are some the top Europace Singapore fans you can get your hands on.

Europace 12" Jet Turbine Wall Fan

If you live in a home with a small space, one of the best cooling solutions is to have it wall-mounted. The Europace 12" Jet Turbine wall fan is not only functional but stylish. The oscillating wall fan comes with a variety of functions such as the noise reduction level thanks to the 7 blades feature as well as the 3-speed settings. Depending on your preference, it comes with or without a fan remote control.

Europace Stand Fan with Timer

Another practical fan for homes with limited spaces is the Europace Stand Fan with Timer. It comes with 3 wind speed selection that is sufficient to cool an entire room. A unique feature of this stand fan is the safety grill lock that is useful for families with kids. One of the most useful features of the fan that many Singaporeans can benefit from is the timer which can be set to 2-hour intervals. This can help Singaporeans save money due to ever-increasing electrical costs in the country. Also, you'll be able to adjust the height and pitch angle of it.

Europace Desk Fan

An alternative to the stand fan is the slightly smaller Europace Desk Fan which fits perfectly on your dressing or study table. This oscillating fan keeps the whole room cool whenever you need a blast of fresh air. It is easy to utilise with the push button control that comes with 3-speed settings. Simply direct the cool air to wherever you prefer with its adjustable tilt.

Europace Tower Fan

The tower fan comes with a built-in Air Ionizer while the fan is operating. This is so that, the air indoors will be fresh and clean. It comes with a fan remote control which makes cooling your home much more simple and easy. You can also set it to 1, 2 or even 4-hours of timer selection. On top of that, cleaning and maintaining the Europace Tower Fan can also be easily done with the detachable filter and base. You do not have to worry about the tower fan from toppling over as it has a strong and sturdy base of 300mm. Another safety feature of the fan is its gliding grills which have no moving wires for the added safety.