Want to watch your favourite series, movies, or news programs with ease? Just get an EVPAD! Simply hook your EVPAD TV box up to your television, connect it to the internet, and enjoy all the endless shows available online. Check out our collection of TV boxes from EVPAD Singapore below.

Why you should buy Evpad 3S for your daily entertainment? | Is Evpad legal in Singapore? | How do I set up Evpad?


Evpad Review, Price, Recommendation: Everything You Need to Know About the TV Box

Why you should buy Evpad 3S for your daily entertainment?

Comes equipped with 2GB RAM, 8-core CPU and GPU, the Evpad 3S supports Dolby AC3 + DTS Surround as well as Blu-ray, bringing you the best home theatre experience as possible. Now viewers can install various apps from the App Store on the TV box, as it is powered by Android 7.0 OS.

In terms of its interface, it has various inputs and outputs on the device including IR extender, RJ45 ethernet, HD video output, AV CVBS, Audio SPIDF, TF card, as well as USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Purchasing Evpad 3S makes the entire setup much easier. The TV box is bundled with a DC cable, an adapter, a charger, an HD cable, a remote, and a user manual.

Based on customers’ review, live streaming is highly compatible with the Evpad 3S if you have a stable internet connection. The Evpad 3S has quite a comprehensive list of channels. Many are able to stream television channels from many countries, including the US, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, and others.

Just like a smartphone, there are several features that can be used - the most prominent being the cleaning feature. If you find your streaming experience or navigation process to be slowing down, make use of this feature to clean up cache and hidden files to enhance your viewing experience. Besides, on the platform itself, all the customer service information is provided should you need any assistance with using the device.

Is Evpad legal in Singapore?

Yes, Evpad and other Android TV boxes are legal in Singapore but with terms and conditions applied. Although the TV boxes do not account for copyright infringement, the content delivered through TV boxes is the key factor that may possibly violate the copyright laws. If the content is found to be provided by an unauthorised content provider, there will be legal actions taken against those committing the offence. For more information regarding legal issues of TV streaming devices, you can check out the FAQ about TV boxes here.

How do I set up Evpad?

Setting up the Evpad is as easy as ABC. First, plug your Evpad TV box charger to a power outlet. Turn on the TV box with a remote. Next, hook your Evpad TV box up to a TV with an HDMI cable. Then connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. With that, you can then download apps to stream whatever TV shows or entertainment you enjoy!

How do I update my Evpad?

If you would like to update your Evpad TV Box to the latest version of firmware, head to All Apps and select System Update. Run the update, and your TV Box should be able to operate on the latest firmware in no time.

What’s different between Evpad 3S, 3 PLUS and 3 Max?

The major difference among these models lies in the RAM and ROM:

  • Evpad 3S - 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM
  • Evpad 3 PLUS - 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM
  • Evpad 3 MAX+ - 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM