Contact lenses are extremely convenient for those who despise the feeling of wearing glasses every day. You can wear it for a jog, to parties, to the office; the possibility is endless. However, it’s also important to clean them thoroughly with the right contact lens solution. Read the article here to know more.


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The Proper Way to Clean Your Soft Lenses with a Contact Lens Solution

Nobody wants to put germ or bacteria-infested contact lenses onto their eyes. That’s why it’s crucial that you clean and take care of your lenses properly. When buying a set of soft lenses, you will always get a complementary solution or be urged to purchase extra supplies of this clear liquid. This is because contact lenses solution is an integral item for all lens-wearer to use.

What is contact lenses solution made of?

Most contact lenses solution contains a preservative, a binding agent, a buffer, and a wetting agent. These main ingredients are then classified into three categories: surfactants, disinfectants, and enzymatic cleaners. Surfactant ingredients are agents that prevent the solution from scratching while still cleaning the debris off the surface of the lens. Disinfectants are used to kill germs and bacteria and enzymatic cleaner dissolves any protein that may have been transferred due to contact with the eyes.

Other types include hydrogen peroxide contact solutions and saline solution. The former contains diluted hydrogen peroxide to clean, disinfect, and remove protein at once. Using hydrogen peroxide solution wrongly can result in burning sensation and intense eye pain, so be sure to always follow the instructions.

The latter is one of the simplest forms of contact lens solution. It comprises of a pH-balanced saltwater solution to rinse off your lenses. However, it does not contain any disinfecting or enzymatic cleaning agents. It is not recommended to create your own saline solution at home and it’s best if you also use a multipurpose solution or hydrogen peroxide contact solution with the saline liquid.

How do I rinse my lenses with this solution?

First off, wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water. If you have long nails, this is the time to clip them because if not cleaned properly, debris can easily get stuck under the nails. Next, dry your hands with a towel that will not leave small pieces of lint on your palms. If you don’t own a lint-free towel, dry your hands with paper towel or tissue

You can now begin cleaning your contact lenses with a fresh solution. You must only use the designated contact lens solution to ensure the hygiene of your lenses. Do the “rub and rinse” method when cleaning. Rub the lenses between your fingers and rinse with the solution afterwards. Just make sure your nails are not touching the lenses. Lastly, always clean the case after putting on the soft lenses. Rinse it with the cleaning solution and leave it open to dry.

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