There is not better way than to spend a lazy Sunday at home than to enjoy a breeze running through your hair. But sometimes, living in the city can be quite a drag to find such breeze. Thus, we are introduced to ceiling fans. Now, Fanco has excellent fans that could keep the breeze running through your hair regardless of where you are. So, scroll down and have your pick at a Fanco fan today! Also, you can read more about what makes Fanco spin by clicking here.


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Fanco Singapore: Life is A Breeze

Fanco Singapore: Breezing You Back Through Some History

Fanco is a brand that was established under the management of Fanco Fan Marketing. It was first established in the year of 1998 with one goal in mind; to make ceiling fans better. The Fanco brand is most famous for its dedication in its sales distribution and after-sales services. There are also most recognized as one of the leading brands in ceiling fan manufacturing in the world. Fanco has an elaborate range and variety of ceiling fan designs that are both of quality and at very affordable prices. Couple that with their absolute dedication in their customer service, then you have a great brand etching its name into the hearts and minds of many, many customers.

Through the advancement of technology and Fanco's determination to stay in the market, they have developed their very own Titanium Motor that runs smoothly with added features like energy-saving, eco-friendly, rust-proof, super silent, long lasting, and with bigger bearings. Through this, Fanco is able to cater to most of its customers' demands of a more customer-and-home-oriented ceiling fans.

In 2012, Fanco was named one of Top 5 Prominent Brands Award under the SME One Asia Awards 2012. This, along with its evident presence all across restaurants, cafes, and residential units in Singapore and Malaysia make it a brand to look out for in the future. Fanco's presence can be noticeably seen in:

  • Raffles Hotel
  • Signature 2 Model Restaurant, Waterwaypoint
  • Olio Cafe
  • Eggs & Berries
  • Changi Beach Club
  • Yu Chun Curry Fish Head Restaurant

Now that we've got that out of the bag, let's see what Fanco really has to offer us. Read on below.

Here's What Fanco Has for You!

Fanco has fans sold in both Singapore and Malaysia. They are most commonly known to be both of quality and affordable--not to mention that some of the fans are quite exquisite in design and color choice. We are going to list down all our favorite types of fans Fanco for Singapore and we are going to take one from each of the type to describe in order to give you an overview of what that series is all about. Here are the types of Fanco Fans:

Fanco Designer Fans

Modern, intricate, and stylish are the 3 most prominent words to use to describe the fans in Fanco's Designer Series. This series focuses more on the stylish and modern design of ceiling fans that are coupled with modern and eco-friendly motors that run them. Take The Globe as an example.

The Globe has a distinctive design to its blades and centre piece. The blades are curved in design and the centre piece resembles a globe (that also acts as a lighting kit). Coming is 4 interesting colors that are red, black, white, and yellow, The Globe would surely fill a room with not only cool breeze put with style.

Fanco Titanium Series

Using only 1/5 of traditional motors and producing 4 times as more power, Fanco's Titanium Series delivers excellent performance in matters of wind speed and motor endurance. With said motors, come along modern-designed fans that look as if they were snatched right out of a Science Fiction movie. Let us talk about The Aroma.

Fanco's The Aroma, from a first glance, looks like an alien spaceship! We kid you not. Especially the one in white, the modern design of The Aroma looks very well-done with 5 ABS Blades and coming in 2 other colors (Day and Warm, very cool names for colors), fans of the eccentric style would love The Aroma. And did we mention that it comes with its own lighting kit as well? Turn The Aroma on and you'd be convinced that you have an alien spaceship hovering in your living room--which also cools you, of course.

Fanco DC Motor Series

This series of fans focuses more on the usage of DC Motors. Fanco has developed DC motors that are modern is design, eco-friendly, and are super silent. However, these motors are not the only focus of the series. What makes the fans in this series one of our favorites is their very distinctive design. Not to be familiar with the Designer Series, the fans from the DC Motor series sport very modern designs that are both excellent in performance and would be one of the main focuses of a room. We would want to take the E-Trinity as an example.

Fanco's E-Trinity, besides the coolness of the name itself, has 6 ABS Curved Blades that look like a ninja weapon--a massive one, at that! It sports 56-inches in diameter and utilizes Fanco's DC motor for silent but very satisfying performance. You can set it to 6 reversible speeds and it also comes with its only lighting kit.

We Are Fans of Fanco's Fans!

We have to admit; we love the fans from Fanco. Not only do they work so splendidly and that they are silent as a distant whisper, they come in various designs and exciting colors! If you are like us in means of eccentric-style lovers, then you would be blown away with Fanco Fans--just like we were!

Now, scroll back up and slow wind the scroll button down while you have a pick at a Fanco fan that tickles your fancy the most. We're just going to sit back and relax.Happy Shopping!

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