Feeding bottles are incredibly important especially when you have to raise a newborn baby. Which is why, knowing how to choose your bottles and how to clean them become of utmost importance. Find out more about it here!


Feeding Bottles: How-To’s

How to Choose a Baby Bottle?

Feeding bottles are one of the most important things when it comes to early parenthood. Choosing the right feeding bottle is important because it is where your baby feeds from. Since newborn babies’ immune system isn’t as adept of that of an adult, it is vital to prevent your baby from taking in any harmful chemicals. Due to this, the quality of baby feeding bottles become of utmost importance -harmful chemicals are found in the production of polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins and these are commonly available in various baby milk bottles. To prevent from choosing feeding bottles that contain these harmful materials, look for baby bottles that are BPA-free. Available here are a range of BPA-free milk bottles for your perusal to ensure a healthy baby and a happy mommy!

Apart from making sure your bottles are BPA-free, you also have to take note on why you need the bottles for. Baby feeding bottles come in various sizes. For a newborn, a smaller bottle would be sufficient for a milk bottle while a bigger baby would require a bigger bottle. One important thing to note is for feeding bottles to have volume measurements. That way, you can prepare your mixture accurately without needing to “guess” the amount of water needed for every scoop of milk powder.

Also consider that when your baby starts teething, he or she will begin to chew on the teat. So, when this starts happening, you will need to purchase replacement teats which can be found here too!

How to Clean a Baby Bottle?

After ensuring that your bottles are BPA-free, you still need to make sure every bottle is sterilize and cleaned properly before every use. To do this, most people opt to purchase electric steam sterilizers. Available here in a range of brands, colours, and prices, consider these few questions before deciding on your steam sterilizer: how many bottles can you fit in one go? How heavy is the steam sterilizer? Would you prefer one that is more portable or not?

Also, don’t forget to purchase a brush specially to clean baby bottles. There are times when residue is left at the bottom of the bottle when you make your milk solutions. Therefore, you will need a brush to reach in to properly brush it off. To properly wash your milk bottles, begin by pouring in hot soapy water into the bottles and rotate the bottle brush inside until it is clean. Make sure you rinse the bottles thoroughly to get rid of the soap. The teat should be rinsed under a running tap. If there is any trapped milk, squeeze through hot, soapy water in order to clean it properly.

Baby Bottles On-The-Go

While it is important to choose chemical-free bottles as well as knowing the proper ways of cleaning them, it is equally important to know how to transport them. Look for bags to transport your baby bottles whenever you’re on the go!