A baby needs to be kept well-fed before being taught all of life’s essential skills. That’s why it’s important to know how to properly make, store, and carry baby bottles. Check out the best baby bottle bags below or read the simple guide here to know more.


A Guide for Making, Storing, and Carrying Formula with Baby Bottle Bags in Singapore

Caring for a baby is never easy and feeding them is as complex as changing their diapers. Babies are fragile and prone to diseases, especially if fed spoiled, unhygienic milk and formula. This article can hopefully help you when making, storing, and carrying your baby’s milk.


Before anything else, you need to make your baby’s formula the right way. When done incorrectly, it can affect the quality and shelf life of the milk. If you prefer to feed your babies breast milk, look for a high-quality breast pump that will not harm your breasts and can extract milk safely. However, if you struggle with producing breast milk, powdered formulas are okay, too. Make sure you always insult your pediatrician before feeding your baby, especially newborns, powdered formula.

To make powdered baby formula, first, you must wash your hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial hand soap. Then, carefully read the instructions included in the formula’s packaging as different brands require different steps. It is recommended to use water that’s been recently boiled rather than bottled or filtered water. Next, measure and scoop the desired amount of formula powder into the baby bottle. Feed it right away or store it directly in the refrigerator.


Whenever you store your baby’s formula, make sure to seal the container completely shut beforehand. You can store the powdered formula up to one month after you make it if kept in a cool and dry place. Although, if already mixed with water, feed it to your child within 24 hours. Avoid extreme temperatures like direct heat because it can spoil the milk instantly. Never freeze the formula as it can also spoil it by separating the protein and the fat.

Storing bottles is important as well. Empty and unused bottles need to be stored in a sterile container. You can clean the bottles by placing it in a pot of boiling water, place them in a sterilizer, or use a chemical solution that is harmless for babies. If not used within 24 hours, redo the sterilizing process.


An insulated bottle bag or thermal bottle bag is essential to carry around your baby formula especially for jet-setter parents. These baby bottle cooler bag keeps the temperature stable and will not let the heat of the sun spoil the milk. Many people recommend not to pre-mix the formula as it will be at risk to heat exposure and unhygienic environments. However, if it consumes too much time to measure, scoop, and mix the formula, you can make the bottles ahead of time.

Another option is to buy ready-made formula when going out or traveling. The ready-to-feed formula comes in a sealed packaging and requires no mixing and measuring. You just have to open the packaging and pour it into a sterilized baby bottle. Still, to maintain the quality of the formula, you’d have to carry it inside a milk bottle bag or feeding bag.

There are other bottle accessories you can find online to help you feed your baby at home and on-the-go. Things like bottle warmers, formula dispensers, and sterilizers are all available here on iPrice Singapore.

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