Helping you enjoy every activity with its powerful and effective lighting products, Fenix is the trusted brand to illuminate your life. Read more about Fenix Singapore below to find out.

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Fenix Singapore – Focus on the Right Track

Rising like a True Fenix

Founded in Shenzhen, China, Fenix designs and develops unique lighting products that combine both innovation and technology into solid package. In other words, this means that Fenix manufactures its own proud products and tests them to the highest standards. Unlike most manufacturers and brands, Fenix does not believe in giving out contracts to others such as subcontractor when it comes to producing its own products. As a matter of fact, Fenix takes great pride in testing and building its products in its own facility under the watchful eyes of its own quality assurance professionals.

With the keen eye in replicating the craftsmen's touches for function, fit and finish, Fenix simply delivers promising results with such incredible standards from design to production to quality assurance. Each stage has been prepared and completed with great care and passion by its dedicated workforce. Rising like a true phoenix, Fenix is your trusted brand when it comes to effective lighting products that can make the real difference.

Choose the Right Light at the Right Time

Innovation does Matter

As Fenix is prepared to advance the illumination technology, it believes that turning precision LEDs into consistent illumination actually takes the full spectrum of disciplines. In fact, Fenix is the advocate of improving every single aspect whenever it is possible. In terms of power management, Fenix thinks that it can provide a more balanced energy management so that you can achieve the optimized performance while consuming less power at the same time. As for the designs of its products, Fenix has been striving to incorporate ergonomic design in all levels so that you can use its products with relative ease. When you are using Fenix products, you will be pleasantly surprised that their performance will exceed your own expectations especially when they shine well effectively.

Pushing for Peak Performance

Regardless of any condition, each Fenix product has been designed to excel especially in terms of performance. As a matter of fact, it usually performs so well that it will surprise you in many ways. Not only that, Fenix also prioritizes key aspects as durability, consistency and strength as the major ingredients of the peerless efficiency that is found in its products. Unsurprisingly, the Fenix products are all about harnessing pure power to get things done.

Adding Up Real Value

As mentioned earlier, the Fenix products have been engineered for true peak performance. Despite this, you will find that Fenix products are truly amazing because they really add true value for money. Indeed, its products also show that it is possible to get high-performance products without spending a lot of money. Most importantly, you can trust Fenix products to deliver promising performance as its users see them as valuable products that can make the real difference. Starting with the statement about "verified lumens per dollars are the start", Fenix makes sure that every penny which you spend on its products are worth it.

Top Fenix Products that Everyone is using

Fenix Headlamps

Fenix HL60R Rechargeable Headlamp

Utilizing a micro USB port for go-anywhere charging, the Fenix HL60R rechargeable headlamp is truly amazing as it offers a maximum output of 950 lumens, beam distance of up to 381 feet and a runtime of up to 100 hours in one full charge. Outfitted with the neutral white LED for better color rendering, this Fenix headlamp offers you the brightest light that you need at all times. Moreover, it also features the side switch to active five levels of brightness or the red night vision mode so that you can easily adapt to any situations. Thanks to all metal construction, it is incredibly tough to withstand heavy and harsh punishment. Amazingly, this Fenix headlamp is also waterproof up to 2m underwater.

Fenix Flashlights

Fenix E Series

Designed for outdoor sports and daily use, the revolutionary Fenix E series flashlights adhere to the concept of "Every Day Carry". Needless to say, these Fenix flashlights usually incorporate both simple and practical output levels. Not just that, they also encourage easy and fast operation. Most importantly, the Fenix E series flashlights are waterproof and offer resistance against impact. As such, they are truly indispensable for everyday carry and other intensive outdoor activities. Brightest and compact at the same time, the Fenix E series flashlights are among the best flashlights that you can get in the market.

Fenix Bike Lights

Fenix BC21R Bike Light

With its rechargeable feature, the Fenix BC21R bike light is truly suited for both urban and mountain biking settings. It also features two side red lights and a flashing mode for additional rider safety. Thanks to its quick release mount, it makes it even easier for you to detach the light so that it will not be stolen easily. With its dual beam system for up-close and extended visibility, many mountain bikers really love to this Fenix bike light because it is really that effective.

Fenix Camping Lanterns

Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern

Powerful, versatile and portable, the Fenix CL30R camping lantern is able to illuminate entire rooms brightly without any effort. At the same time, you can trust it to charge other devices as well. Needless to say, this Fenix camping lantern is truly versatile and handy for any situations. It uses a standard USB port that you can use to charge your own phone, speakers and even tablets. You can select its brightness up to 5 different levels. This amazing Fenix camping lantern is certainly great for rustic cabin stays, car camping or even emergency such as power outages.

Fantastic Lighting Experience with Fenix Singapore

Thanks to both pricing and performance, the Fenix products have been widely recognized as one of the most effective products in the world of lighting products. In fact, they allow you to enjoy such fantastic lighting experience. For more amazing Fenix products, you should check out the awesome selection of Fenix lighting products.