Fans of streetwear shouldn’t be a stranger to Fila Singapore, an originally Italian brand that was taken over by the Koreans. Their highest-selling item to date is perhaps the Fila shoes, comprising of popular series like the Fila Disruptors. These Fila footwears are stylish, yet affordable compared to other streetwear shoes. Read the care tips down below so your Fila shoes will last for a long time.


Tips and Trick to Maintain Your Fila white Shoes in Singapore

In the past few years, Fila Singapore has risen in popularity and became the go-to streetwear option for many fashion enthusiasts. It’s all thanks to the popularity of the Fila Disruptor and Fila Ray shoes, which mainly comes in an all-white colorway.

If you have a pair of white Fila shoes or is looking to buy a pair of white Fila Disruptors, follow the guide below so you know how to take care and maintain your white Filas.

Get a Sneaker Protector Spray

The easiest way to maintain the pristine condition of your white Fila shoes is by coating it with a protector spray. Sneaker protector sprays are accessible, affordable, and super easy to use. We suggest coating your Fila shoes with the protector spray right after purchasing them or after they’ve gone through a wash.

Learn How to Wash White Shoes

Once you’ve learned how to correctly wash your Fila white sneakers, you can start cleaning your other white shoes with no problem! Fila recommends that you clean your shoes using a washcloth that’s been dipped in a mixture of warm water and gentle soap. You can also use a toothbrush to scrub away tough stains.

Store Them Properly

When you’re not wearing your Fila shoes frequently, store them in the right way. This is so that dusts, mites, and other undesirable things won’t slowly decrease the quality of your Fila sneakers. Store them inside their box or a dust bag securely to prolong your shoes’ shelf life.

Get a Trusted Shoe Repairman

If your Fila shoes are starting to fall apart, you can opt to repair them instead of purchasing a new pair. Look for a shoe repairman recommended by other hypebeasts and sneaker enthusiasts. Remember, you’ll get a one-year warranty with all Fila shoes purchase so read the T&C’s and get your Fila sneakers back in action.