Watches are not only the perfect addition to any outfit but they make great fashion accessories that highlight anyone's style. Fossil Singapore creates watches and accessories like no one else. Read more below about how to find your ideal Fossil watch.


A Guide to Finding Your Ideal Fossil Watches in Singapore

Well-known for their crisp clean modern look, Fossil watches go well with a range of colours and styles. Moreover, the brand is highly regarded for its high-quality watches. There are a few things to take note of such as the type of movement, style, size, type, and durability when it comes to finding the ideal watch. Read on to learn about it.

Types of Fossil Movements


Typically, this type of movement includes a battery that passes a current through a quartz crystal so that it vibrates rapidly. This vibration helps to power the motor and moves the watch’s hands. On the other hand, it is more affordable as well as dependable. It can also last quite a long time and only needs replacement of batteries every 2 to 3 years.


Incorporating the automatic self-winding movement and a quartz movement, the multi-function watch has the ability to track the day of the month or week as well as the time of the day. Nonetheless, it is not as accurate as a quartz watch as long it is worn on a regular basis it will continue being accurate. There is no need for adjustment for these types of watches.


Running on battery-operated power and utilises an LCD or LED that displays the time. The digital watch usually comes with buttons on the side of the watch which can be easily set. There are some digital watches that display the date or come with a stopwatch and alarm.

Types of Fossil Watches in Singapore


Primarily worn on the wrist, the Fossil straps are made of leather, canvas or stainless steel. It also comes in a variety of sizes and colours. Generally, women’s wristwatches have a smaller face while the men’s wristwatches have a bigger face. Nonetheless, there are certain women who prefer more masculine watches like the Fossil Grant Chronograph, which fits nicely regardless of gender as well.

Pocket watches

One of the oldest types of timepieces, the pocket watches are round watches that have a front case that pops open as well as protects the face of the Fossil watch. It also comes with a chain and clip that helps secure it to something.

Key clip watches

Being a smaller watch compared to the pocket and wristwatches. As an alternative to having a strap or chain, it comes with a small hook that can be hung anywhere from backpacks to wallets.


Named the Fossil Q, this smartwatch can track your everyday accomplishment in steps, distance and the amount of calories burned. Not only that, with the Fossil Q Founder Digital Display Black Leather Touchscreen Smartwatch, you can also sync with your smartphone with Android Wear app to receive notifications for calls, texts and customize your watch face to suit your taste and mood. Receive filtered LED colour-coded notifications with the Q Grant watch collection and get the activity tracker that looks like a bracelet, the Q Reveler.

Where is Fossil watch made?

Made of high-quality and durable material, Fossil watches are manufactured in China and Switzerland. After the manufacturing process, all Fossil watches will be delivered to distribution centres in Germany or Dallas before being shipped out to Fossil outlets all over the world.

Is Fossil a luxury brand?

While Fossil watches may be sold at a higher price point, Fossil isn’t considered a luxury brand. It is, however, a premium brand that produces leather goods from wallets to bags and an extensive collection of watches and accessories. Fossil can be seen at most premium outlets where you can score Fossil goods at a fraction of their retail price.

How much does a Fossil watch cost?

In Singapore, a Fossil watch costs around S$99 to S$573, depending on the type of watch and the material used for the watch strap. You can find Fossil watches for men and women from popular online fashion retailers like Zalora, YOOX and Jomashop.