As a Swiss luxury watchmaker, Franck Muller has crafted diverse collections of sensational timepieces including the Vanguard and Cintrée Curvex collection. Despite being founded just 28 years ago, Franck Muller has made history with its audacious innovation, avant-garde aesthetics, and stellar in-house mechanical movement. Read more below to learn about Franck Muller Singapore!

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Franck Muller Singapore: Exclusive Timepieces with Unique Personalities

Named after the founder, Franck Muller has quite an unusual history. The beginning of the brand’s watchmaking history can be traced back to 1984 when Franck Muller himself designed his own tourbillon watch. It was a sophisticated timepiece that only a few watchmakers including Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin had the prowess in crafting it. As soon as Muller made his name with that remarkable creation, it had slowly garnered the attention of many clients who then flocked to him for customised watches. This was then followed by him gaining fame in Europe and the United States. Today, Franck Muller’s company has manufactured multiple watch collections that come in varying price ranges.

Even the Stars Don Franck Muller Watches

Given the brand’s opulence, Franck Muller watches have graced the wrists of numerous celebrities and famous icons, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Jose Mourinho, Sir Elton John, and many others. In particular, Sir Elton John praised Franck Muller for its daringness in the use of colours and design styles, in addition to a strong emphasis on the internal mechanical parts. He noted that Franck Muller revolutionised watches in the way that is never seen before in the watchmaking industry.

Go Bold or Go Home with Franck Muller Watches

Franck Muller only utilises premium case material and bracelet material in its pieces. Most, if not all, Franck Muller watches come with water resistance too. These five watch collections take glamour and classiness to a whole new level. Let’s find out each collection’s notable features:

Cintrée Curvex

Deemed the most distinctive design ever invented by Franck Muller, this watch collection carries an impeccably curved case and eccentric silhouette. This explains its name ‘cintrée’ which refers to arch in French. What’s more, its dial exhibits numerals in reverse order, and its case is either polished with a glossy rose gold or silver finish or paved with diamonds.


Mixing sportiness and poshness, we get the Vanguard collection that boasts applique numerals and stunning chronograph subdials. Comprising Classical, Tourbillon, Grande Date, Skeleton, Yachting, Camouflage, Gravity, Golf, and Master Banker, the Vanguard collection seeks to explore the infinite possibilities of dial structures, while not forgetting aesthetics that complement the wearer’s personality.

Quatre Saisons - Double Mystery

Be ready to get bedazzled by the Quatre Saisons’ colourful diamonds that line both the frame and dial. The striking colours are used to convey the beauty of four seasons. Choose your favourite watch strap from the colours of purple, orange, and white to match the polychromatic number-less watch face.

Crazy Hours

It goes without saying that this collection has played a huge role in establishing Franck Muller’s bold style all these years. While the numbers are randomly placed, which can be confusing at times, the hour hand makes an impressive move by jumping from one hour to another in the right order. So, to avoid confusion, simply focus on the number at which the hour hand points. On the other hand, the minute hand can be read the way you normally do with regular watches as it follows the usual 60-minute cycle.

How much is Franck Muller diamond watch?

Franck Muller diamond watch price ranges from S$6,988 to S$72,220 in Singapore. Diamond watches sold at a lower price point are usually preowned, and they can be found on Jomashop, a trusted dealer of luxury items.

Where is Franck Muller store in Singapore?

Here are the boutiques where you can seek the staff’s assistance on the selection of Franck Muller watches:

Franck Muller Singapore Boutique

  • Wisma Atria, Orchard Road
  • Jewel Changi Airport
  • The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

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