G. Bruce Boyer reminds us, “Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” A designer who has always been true to himself, undeterred by naysayers and one of the more accomplished multi-faceted designers around, Frederick John Perry, better known as Fred Perry is not only an accomplished sportswear and shirt designer, he was a world-renowned tennis extraordinaire who won Wimbledon three times. Now, the Fred Perry brand produces clothing options for men, women and kids, complete with footwear and accessories. Scroll down to find out just how Fred Perry started drawing aces not just on the court but in the fashion scene too.

Go For the Classy Yet Casual Look with Fred Perry Singapore


Fred Perry Singapore: From A Mere Sweatband That Transformed Into A Fashion Empire

An accomplished force in the tennis sporting arena, Fred Perry was approached by Tibby Wegner, a former Austrian footballer in the late 1940s. Tibby’s proposal was to market a sweatband that bore the Fred Perry name. Prior to this, Fred used to wrap his wrist with gauze to protect his racquet handle from perspiration. In his autobiography, Fred noted that the original sweatband was made using bath towel material and ‘weighed a ton’. The prototype that was redesigned and made in Leicester was soft, light and flexible.

The duo was in business in the 1950s. They marketed the product by giving the sweatbands away to top players at the most celebrated tournaments, encouraging the players to wear them on the court. The players complied and with that, Fred Perry Sportswear came to life. Next on the brand’s design agenda, was the Fred Perry sports shirts. The duo marketed the product in an unconventional way, by giving them to BBC cameramen and to leading players, while Fred Perry and Dan Maskell both wore them when they were commentating.

The shirts picked up a following quickly as they looked better than the other ill-fitting shirts on the market. It was constructed with cotton that was weaved using the pique style and featured an open honeycomb stitch – two factors that made it the suitable performance wear on the courts. The Fred Perry insignia soon became associated with Wimbledon, the world’s premier tennis tournament and the world’s most gifted tennis players.

Over the years, the Fred Perry brand continued to deliver impeccable quality and even made the crossover from sportswear to streetwear. Quality remains as the centre of this brand, as Fred Perry’s original slim fit cotton pique shirts are still made in England, featuring the same shape, using the same fabric that was used when the shirt was first launched in 1952. The Fred Perry brand remains as the benchmark of excellence in tennis clothing.

Go For the Classy Yet Casual Look with Fred Perry Singapore

Other than the queen herself, there is nothing that screams British than Fred Perry. From mod culture to Britpop in the 1990s, this name is the heart of the fashion and music scene in the U.K. The Fred Perry label is known for their Fred Perry Polo Shirt that made a huge impact in the world of fashion when it left the court.

This classic piece of British streetwear is the most prominent in the Fred Perry catalogue. It is based on the basic tennis polo shirt, but the Fred Perry polo shirt features the iconic Fred Perry wreath logo on the chest and comes with a slim-fit design. It has short, fitted sleeves and is often styled battened all the way to the top of the collar. The Fred Perry Classic and Twin-Tipped shirts are available for the gents, ladies and children.

Quick Styling Tips with Fred Perry Polo Shirts

Fred Perry polo shirt delivers a smart-casual look when styled with a pair of slacks and a classic belt. For white polo shirt, layer it with a checkered blazer or a Fred Perry V-neck knitwear for a posh style. Another ensemble any tall man can pull off is a navy blue polo shirt complemented by a pair of white Fred Perry tennis shorts and loafers. Not only are polo shirts great with pants, but they also look good with pleated plaid skirts and chunky loafers.

Fred Perry Singapore - The Wreath, A Symbol of Excellence and Class

One of the more recognizable logos in the fashion world, Fred Perry’s laurel wreath logo was inspired by the designer’s accomplishments on the court. Fred Perry was a Davis Cup champion in addition to coming out on top at Wimbledon three times. What’s interesting to note is that in the early stages of setting up the logo, Fred was considering using a pipe instead. This was because as a pipe smoker himself, he felt like the association related to him better and made more sense. However, Tibby Wegner, his Austrian business partner advised against it as it probably wouldn’t do well with the female crowd.

After going back and forth to the drawing board, they decided on the laurel wreath that Fred used to wear on his Davis Cup sweater and tour blazers. Fred has always sported this insignia since he won Wimbledon in 1934. The laurel wreath has been a symbol of excellence from years ago and combined with Fred’s achievements on the tennis court – a perfect emblem was born. After obtaining permission from the then-Secretary of the All England Club, Colonel Duncan MacCauley, the Fred Perry laurel stands today as a timeless fashion symbol associated with “integrity, heritage and authenticity.” In many Fred Perry shirts these days, the laurel wreath logo is placed either at the centre or on the top left corner of the fabric item.

What You Didn’t Know About Fred Perry

  • The brand’s famous polo shirt was launched at Wimbledon in 1952
  • Fred Perry shirts became prominent in the Mod subculture in the 1960s
  • Gwen Stefani was seen performing wearing a Fred Perry polo shirt
  • Fred Perry was an eight-time Grand Slam champion
  • It’s been said that the tennis player dated some of the world’s most beautiful women which included Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow
  • The Fred Perry sportswear company was formed by accident
  • The Fred Perry brand is known as the first British heritage brand that successfully merged streetwear and sportswear

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