Since its inception, Fred Perry has been most famous for its versatile polo shirts with the emblematic laurel wreath emblazoned across its chest. Find out why the Fred Perry polo shirt is so iconic in Singapore here.


Do Up that Final Button with Fred Perry Singapore

The brand Fred Perry was found in 1952 by Wimbledon and eight-time Grand Slam champion, Frederick Perry. Perry, had been touted one of the best-dressed athletes of his time, kickstarted a fashion brand that enjoyed immense popularity from day one. As Fred Perry had lofty beginnings, the fact that the brand has remained relevant today is a testament to the quality of its apparel, of which the most popular remains its iconic polo t-shirt.

While the first Fred Perry cotton piqué tennis shirt has been reinterpreted for modern tastes, much of Perry’s classic design has been retained, proving that some things never go out of style. Explore the strength of classic designs that have stood the test of time with some Fred Perry polo t-shirts today.

Fred Perry: A British Rite of Passage

Even though it began as apparel for tennis players, the versatility of Fred Perry clothinglent it further cultural relevance as it became adopted by the likes of rebels, musicians, film-makers and finally, athletes once again. As a staple in the Modernist wardrobe, a common sartorial feature amongst UK subcultures, Fred Perry was deemed the uniform for the non-uniform. Essentially, despite carrying a wealth of history on it own, the Fred Perry brand encourages its fans to define themselves; whether they be successful tennis players like its founder, or musicians, mods, and misfits.

The Fred Perry Piqué Polo Shirt - An Innovation

Piqué, pronounced ‘pi-kay’, is a style of weaving with cotton yarn that produces a fine-textured surface nowadays commonly found in golf and polo shirts. But did you know that it was Fred Perry that first popularised it? The first Fred Perry piqué tennis shirt was designed and worn on the court by Perry himself. It looked so well and proved to be durable for sports that it has since become a classic. It also inspired the term the ‘Fred Perry fit’, indicating a simple, streamlined silhouette with lightweight functionality. Until today, the piqué shirt remains one of Fred Perry’s bestsellers.

Try a Classic Fred Perry Singapore Polo for Size

Below is a list of staples of the brand that has rested on the apex of fringe culture coolness since the 1950s. You cannot go wrong with one of these.

The Original Twin-tipped Fred Perry Shirt G12

A cotton pique Fred Perry t-shirt with twin lines running along the collar and hem of the cuffs. This is the original shirt as designed in the 1950s. Every generation has since adopted the G12 as a part of the British subcultural uniform and you can too with a pair of Fred Perry pants and a Fred Perry duffel bag to complete the look.

The Twin-tipped Fred Perry Shirt M3600

This is a modern twist on the original shirt with the trademark 5-4-4 ratio for its twin-tipping. If you’re keen to update your look, try on an M3600 in white with ice and maroon tipping.

Fred Perry Tramline Tipped Piqué Shirt

Instead of the classic twin-tipping, this shirt features a textured tramline tipping at collar and cuff. Otherwise, it keeps the traditional two-button placket with the proud Fred Perry laurel wreath on the chest. Wear it with a pair of Fred Perry boots to encourage a little bit of envy.

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