In the world of British fashion, no one does classier shirts than Fred Perry. Yet Fred Perry shirts have been a staple in UK subcultures for over six decades. To find out more about Fred Perry shirts in Singapore, click here.


Look Smart with Fred Perry Singapore Shirts

Fred Perry has a long history of style and excellence, beginning from its founder. Frederick John Perry himself was an eight-time Grand Slam champion and according to his own words, was one of the best-dressed players of his time. Deciding to capitalise on that, Perry began his own brand to sell quality gear that retained the style of the British gentleman to those who wanted to look as good on the court as they did out of it.

Inspired by Old Traditions and New Music

Fred Perry is one of the first brands acknowledged as a British heritage since its inception in 1952. Plenty of the elements that still remain a part of the brand hearken back to its old traditions, such as its prominent laurel wreath logo, which is actually based on the original symbol of Wimbledon. Despite its lofty middle-class origins, however, Fred Perry has come to be associated with rockers and soccer hooligans, the so-called ‘Perry boys’. Fred Perry has also long maintained a unique position within UK subcultures and music, giving a platform for British music icons and new artists alike, including post-punk revival band, The Young Knives, and rock-pop group, The Draytones. In this way, the culture of Fred Perry is a paradox unto itself. It embodies both the creme of the suburban middle class and the alternative underground scene at the same time. This begs the question: what kind of Fred Perry are you?

Fred Perry Singapore Shirts to Add to Your Wardrobe

While the brand is more known for the iconic Fred Perry polo shirts, the Fred Perry woven shirt hold its own in the centre of any event; whether an office party or at an outdoors gig.

For the Office Party - The Fred Perry Classic Oxford Shirt

With buttoned cuffs and a button-down collar, the oxford shirt is the uniform of the modern minimalist. It borrows inspiration from the sharp styles of Europe, which favours straight lines and simple designs. This shirt is made with Oxford cotton, two contrasting-coloured yarns, which makes it the gold-standard for formal shirts. Wear it buttoned to the top with a pair of Fred Perry brogue shoes to impress.

To Meet the In-Laws - The Fred Perry Three-Colour Basketweave Shirt

Made with basketweave cotton in a gingham pattern, this shirt is respectable enough to invite admiration but also sufficiently easy-going to make you look approachable. Rolls up your sleeves and pair with a sweater vest before meeting the in-laws. This shirt is available in Rosewood, Glacier, Dark Carbon, and Royal Yellow.

For a Day Out - The Fred Perry Classic Short Sleeve Gingham Shirt

Designed with contrast-colour gingham inside the neck and pocket, this shirt is for those who appreciate subtlety and history in their fashion. (Note: the European Mods used to do this too). Made with crisp and breathable cotton poplin, this shirt is designed for the summer and will keep you cool throughout the day. Bring along a Fred Perry cardigan to ward away the chill for when the sun dips.