Fuji Xerox printers in Singapore come in a large variety, ranging from black and white printers, color printers, and multifunction printers. Each Fuji Xerox printer is highly reliable and is usually able to stand many long hours of printing your assignments at home or for your reports in the office.


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Fuji Xerox in Singapore - Printing made easy

About Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox is a brand that was born from a very successful joint-venture between two companies in 1962: Fuji and Xerox. The two companies put their expertise and strength together to create a company that would specialize and is a global leader in photocopiers. Their tagline in 1995 was a very good representative of where the brand aims to be: "The Document Company", although it has since been dropped as the company wanted to shift towards a more customer-focused identity. Today, the Fuji Xerox photocopier company is very well known throughout the Asia region and is a very reputable brand for office and home printers.

Fuji Xerox printers going green

Fuji Xerox is a global leader in the photocopier and printing industry, and because of that, they have to set standards for the rest of the industry. In a show that they are not entirely a company that is about making a lot of money through sales and services, Fuji Xerox aims to do its parts in preserving the world throughout its business by applying ecology, safety, and environmental awareness in its printers and other products. Their methods of going green with their printers include:

  • Long-term environmental strategy with environmental-friendly products, recycling resources, and a strong emphasis on an environmental management model for businesses.
  • Eco-friendly designs and features such as energy-saving devices as well as user-friendly operation.
  • Environmental recycling and reduction such as recycling used cardboard and paper for their printer's packaging; reducing the use of polystyrene to reduce landfill volume.

Fuji Xerox Printers in Singapore

Fuji Xerox is not a global brand in photocopier and printer machines with only a handful of printer models: There are many different models of Fuji Xerox printers, ranging from simple home use printers to larger multifunction laser printers for offices with more users. Fuji Xerox printers offer their customers the widest range of printers anyone can find in the market; a printer for every budget, every need, and everyone.

  • Black & White Printers: Basic hard-working and user-friendly laser printers that print in monochrome colours that are highly dependable whether for use at home or at the office. These are the award-winning basic printers that come in many different models for different budgets and also different paper sizes.
  • Colour Printers: Fuji Xerox colour printers stem from the many years that Fuji Xerox has spent on their printing technology innovations (they made the first laser printer in 1977!). Fuji Xerox's laser colour printers are fast and efficient and they also come in smaller or larger ones depending on printing size, from A4 to a poster-size printer.
  • Multifunction printers: Fuji Xerox multifunction printers have a lot of different features. They can act as printers, photocopiers, and even scanners – all in a single compact machine. Multifunction printers also come in either black and white or in colour.
  • Printer Ink: Of course if you are purchasing a fantastic Fuji Xerox printer, you must not forget to get genuine Fuji Xerox ink as well! Fuji Xerox in Singapore creates things that work together in a holistic manner, including all the toners, inks, paper and printers: These go work together to create a perfect printing solution.

If you are looking for reliable printers for either home or office and want the best of the best, Fuji Xerox's printers are pretty much the ultimate choice. Innovative technology paired with reliability will give you fuss-free printing solutions anywhere, home or office.