Express your personality and interests with the hottest Funko Pop action figures from your favorite movies, games, TV shows, pop culture icons, and more! Bring out your inner child and take a look at these amazing Funko Pop action figures, bobble-heads and collectibles below to know more about Funko Pop!

About Funko Pop Singapore | Top 5 most popular Funko Pop figures today | Why start a Funko Pop collection?

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Have Fun and Collect the Latest Figures from Funko Pop Singapore!

One of the things that we will never outgrow as kids is the love for toys, and with that Funko Pop Malaysia gives you a wide selection of action figures and bobbleheads that you can enjoy, even as adults. Bring your favorite characters to life in an adorable fashion with Funko Pop! From the hottest TV shows such as Game of Thrones, or Breaking Bad, to your favorite comic book characters either from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and so much more!

About Funko Pop Singapore

Express your personality and interests with Funko Pop’s extensive line of toys and collectibles! Manufacturing more than 1000 licensed characters from different franchises in TV, movies, and comic books, with Funko Pop, being a fangirl or a fanboy becomes more satisfying. What makes their toys different and distinguishable from others is their signature figure - big head, cute facial features and round eyes, almost like a bobblehead toy; you can instantly spot a Funko Pop figure in one glance.

Funko Pop was first established in 1998 by Mike Becker as a small project to bring his childhood memories back to life. The company picked up the pace in 2005 after it was sold and lead by Brian Mariotti with licensing deals from big companies such as Marvel, Disney, WWE, Lucasfilms, Sony, Cartoon Network, HBO, Ubisoft, BBC, Fox, Warner, and so much more! Today, Funko Pop is seen as a must-have for fans of different games, TV shows, movies, and other pop culture themes.

Top 5 most popular Funko Pop figures

From a simple project to a multi-million dollar company, Funko Pop has become one of the biggest licensed toy company today from their wide range of products such as vinyl toys, action figures, bobble-heads, and other electronic items such as themed USB drives, lamps and headphones. Among their most popular items are their vast lines of vinyl action figures and bobbleheads that everyone just can’t get enough of! Here are the top 5 most popular Funko Pop figures that everyone must have!

Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen Vinyl Funko

Every fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones knows that Daenerys Targaryen AKA the mother of all dragons and queen of the Dothraki, is among the shows most popular character. Along with her tiny dragon on her arm, Funko Pop Daenerys is cool, cute, and fierce. Every fan of the show must have one of these miniatures on their collection.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Groot Vinyl Bobble-Head

Who doesn’t love Groot?! For Marvel fans, Groot may only have three things to say but this lovable character packs a punch in the field! You just can’t help but adore those large, circular eyes, which will keep you smiling. If you are thinking of getting Groot, don’t forget his partner Rocket Raccoon!

Funko Pop Marvel - Captain America

From the movies, down to the comic books, Captain America is an unforgettable character in the Marvel universe. Starring in 3 stand-alone movies, and playing a lead role in The Avengers, Captain America is a Marvel fan’s must-have Funko. The figure features Cap’s vintage uniform along with his vibranium shield fashioned the Funko Pop way!

Funko Pop Games - Assassin’s Creed Ezio Action Figure

Gamer or not, everyone knows who Ezio Auditorre is. From Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise, Ezio is our favorite assassin, next only to Altair. Feuled by redemption, Ezio trains to become one of the most well-known assassins, not only in the franchise but also in pop culture. Dressed in white assassin robes, with outstretched arms, ready to deploy his hidden blade, Ezio Funko Pop is definitely a fan favorite!

Funko Pop Movies - Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Action Figure

While technically, the Suicide Squad movie is not out until August, we just can’t wait to get our hands on Funko Pop Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie, even if we’ve only seen her on teasers and trailers of the movie. Armed with her signature baseball bat, and red and blue hair, Harley Quinn funko will definitely steal more than just our hearts.

Why start a Funko Pop collection?

Funko Pop is the latest craze in toys, not only for kids but also for adults! It is a great way to express your interests and your “fandoms” from your favorite TV shows, movies, games, and anything that concerns pop culture. Around your Funko Pop collection, you can be yourself and immerse yourself into your fantasy world filled with your favorite characters! The best thing about Funko Pop is that it is affordable, making it available for anyone and everyone! Take a look at our Funko Pop collection available at iPrice Singapore!

Will Funko Pops lose value?

Pop Vinyls prices are hard to predict. For example, if a toy is limited, exclusive or a Chase Pop Vinyl, there have been times when it goes up in value and drops suddenly afterwards. You just never know how the prices will pan out.

Which are the most expensive after Funko Pops?

  • Alex DeLarge (Glow-in-the-Dark)
  • Jaime Lannister Freddy Funko (Bloody)
  • Count Chocula Freddy Funko (Glow-in-the-Dark)
  • Venom Freddy Funko.
  • Superhero Stan Lee Metallic Red.
  • Buzz Lightyear Freddy Funko (Glow-in-the-Dark)
  • Dumbo (Clown)
  • Apollo Creed Freddy Funko (No Bruises)

Why are Funko Pops so expensive?

Whenever the figure starts out much more expensive or experiences an increase in price, it is because only a limited number of the specific funky pop was produced. Therefore, demand is greater than supply and the price is high.

How can you tell if a Funko Pop is rare?

If they come with a box, they'll be even more recognisable. With a box handy, the first thing to look for is stickers in the lower right corner of the box. They'll often indicate if a Pop Vinylis rare. For example, if a Pop Vinyl has a “Chase” sticker on it, that means it's a lot rarer than a regular Pop Vinyl.

What was the first Pop figure?

The first item the company ever created was the Big Boy bobblehead. Collectors all over the world decided that Funko Pops are great items to collect.

What do the numbers mean on Funko POP boxes?

The set of numbers on Funko Pop boxes are numbered systems informing collectors when a Funko Pop was released and produced. Each Funko pop is a part of a pop vinyl line and it indicates which pop came first in the collection.