Fresh from the fashion scene of Hong Kong, G2000 Singapore gives you a new reason to dress up, look smart, and sophisticated. Aimed for young professionals, the brand provides you with modern office aesthetics that would make you look sharp. Check out the hottest G2000 pants in Singapore or read more about the brand.


Look Sharp and Professional with the Latest G2000 Pants

Looking sharp in a workplace is important for many professionals and yuppies. Your clothes provide you with confidence to face your clients, your bosses, and generally everyone that needs your presence. Seize the day with the finest garments is G2000 Malaysia and their exciting array of clothing for men and women. Armed with creativity and innovation, G2000 is every professional's go-to brand for the best dress shirts, coats, pants, blazers, ties, and accessories!

Why Choose G2000 Malaysia

Establishing their own brand of clothing, the G2000 established a clothing brand of the same name dedicated to career wear for men and women. Since then, G2000 has been a favorite amongst many professionals because of their core philosophy: style, quality, and value.

Understated Luxury

G2000 is a brand that inspires professionals to become more than just their job. A style that exudes sophistication, G2000 takes careful attention to every detail on their collection of garments. Take for example the G2000 Black - a collection of garments for men which is designed with understated luxury.

Contemporary Cool

G2000 Malaysia takes design to the next level by combining classic styles with modernism. The result is a beautiful array of garments with a contemporary cool aura. Sharp but not too uptight, casual but not too formal, this is is what makes G2000 different from other brands.

G2000 - Different Types of Pants According to Fit

G2000 is a brand that creates garments for professionals. Among the most important aspect of an office outfit are pants. Pants are like the anchors or base of your entire look which could make or break your office attire. They are like the foundations of a building; if not stable enough, it could crumble. When choosing the perfect G2000 pants, the first thing you need to consider is the type of pants you're going to be wearing. There are four general types of pants according to fit:

  1. Full break
  2. Half break
  3. Quarter break
  4. No break

Full Break

The full break is a type of fit for pants that develops a deep crease at the bottom where the cuff and your foot meet adjacent to your ankles. The pants crease so much that a second crease is developed. This is because the fabric of your pants are longer than your leg.

Half Break

Half break is similar to the full break except that there are lesser creases on the cuffs. Though there are still breaks, it is not as significantly noticeable as the full break.

Quarter Break

The quarter or slight break is when the trouser meets the shoe but breaks slightly but not as big as the half break.

No Break

No break is when your pants meet your ankles yet no crease or breaks are formed.

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Regardless of which pants you choose, G2000 will always provide you with top quality pants to make you look confident and successful in your workplace. Perfect for executives and yuppies, G2000 is contemporary style meets rustic aura. Shop at iPrice now for the best G2000 pants in Malaysia!