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Garmin GPS watches - Made to Excel

When it comes to precision global positioning systems (GPS), you can trust only one brand - Garmin Singapore. The brand was established in Taiwan by two electrical engineers, namely Gary Burell and Min Kao in January 1990. The duo started making GPS devices for boaters and CESNA plane pilots with their first creation - the GPS 100AVD. Since then, the company has been well known to produce navigation systems, not only for professional pilots, and divers but also for athletes like long-distance runners, hikers, mountaineers, and basically, any hobby that requires intense amount of walking and a GPS system. So if you are looking for a reliable, durable, and accurate GPS watch online, trust only Garmin Singapore.

Reasons to choose Garmin Singapore

Garmin is a popular choice when it comes to wearable technology, especially if you need GPS. It’s accurate positioning system, combined with exciting new features such as a heart rate monitor and distance calculator has made it a favorite, not only by navigators but also runners and hikers. To truly appreciate what Garmin Singapore has in store for you, here are some great reasons why you should choose Garmin over other brands:

Garmin GPS watches are easy to use
You have to admit, not everyone is tech-savvy, especially when it comes to high-tech GPS systems, but with Garmin, you won’t have to call tech support every time you are having problems with your device.
Easily picks up satellite signal
Compared to other brands, Garmin is fast and reliable when it comes to picking up a signal, even if you are in a hurry.
Garmin watch run/walk feature
Garmin is a runner’s best friend. Whether long or short distance, you can easily set your Garmin watch to a run/walk routine. For example, you can run for a straight 8 minutes, then have an interval of 15 seconds for walking. Again, it can easily be set up with just a few taps.
Garmin has a great history feature
This perk lets you tap into your running history such as the longest run, the highest speeds, and your fastest miles, all show in a map.

    Famous Garmin Singapore watch series

    Garmin Singapore takes wearable technology to another level with cutting edge technology in the palm of your hands. Dedicated to providing only the best for their customers, Garmin gives you these great GPS watches that you can purchase online:

    • Garmin Forerunner
    • Garmin Edge
    • Garmin Etrex

    Garmin Singapore for runners and hikers

    While Garmin is well-known for providing wearable technology for aviators, sea navigators, and divers, Garmin watches are now popular amongst triathletes and runners, either short or long-distance. Garmin Singapore has enabled consumers access to cutting-edge technology that not only tells your position but also measures your heart rate and distance from point A to B, a feature which runners are so into. Take a look at Garmin Singapore’s great products here or check out other brands that you might like such as Fitbit, and Jawbone.

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