Koreans are known for their impeccable sense of style and Gentle Monster Singapore has just that. Gentle Monster is a sunglasses brand hailing from South Korea and they offer chic shades that are always in fashion. Find out more about Gentle Monster Singapore below!

Where are Gentle Monster stores in Singapore? | How do you know if Gentle Monster sunglasses are real?


Gentle Monster SG - 5 Gentle Monster Sunglasses Spotted in Your Favourite K-Dramas

Ambush - Zip Tie C1

One of the most widely acclaimed Korean dramas of 2020, Crash Landing On You features a pair of clear sunglasses that is akin to the design of lab safety goggles. This design was conceived in collaboration with the famous Tokyo brand Ambush, with the most prominent feature being a metallic divider in the middle that accentuates the silhouette of your eyes. The glasses are made with 100 per cent UV protective lenses that keep UV rays at bay.

Chameleon 02

Stylish, as a word, isn’t enough to describe these brown cat-eye sunglasses. The modern twist to the classic cat-eye style is very much embraced by Kim Go-Eun in The King: Eternal Monarch, and she totally nails it. Rather than strictly sharp angles, the design is refined with a leaf-like outline. If you’re a plant mom, this might just be the ultimate eyewear that exudes your nature-loving personality.

Solo 01

In Itaewon Class, the second lead character played by the idol-turned-actress Kwon Nara is seen donning oversized dark rounded glasses with subtly sharp corners that resemble cat-eye glasses. This eyewear is made with 100% UV protected nylon Zeiss lenses.

Bling 02

Nothing speaks bold fashion more than this pair of brown glasses, as seen on Kim Da-mi’s role in Itaewon Class. As a multi-talented social media influencer and power blogger, she carries herself with a certain level of edginess by putting on frames with a unique shade that is a rarity in Korean dramas. The refined silver-tone frames also make the actress’s features pop.

Merlynn 01

Yoo In-Na is often seen with sunglasses in Touch Your Heart, and one of the most iconic sunglasses has to be the thick-frame Merlynn 01 featuring tinted glasses, straight gold-tone arms with angled tips, and 100% UV protection. It’s a classic look that suits many of us, regardless of our face shape and skin colour.

Where are Gentle Monster stores in Singapore?

You can shop for the brand’s sunglasses and other eyecare products in Gentle Monster Ion Orchard and Gentle Monster Marina Bay Sands. For any enquiries regarding eyewear repair, you may contact their customer service at cs.us@gentlemonster.com for special guidance to fulfil your request.

How do you know if Gentle Monster sunglasses are real?

All genuine Gentle Monster products come with an Authenticity Certificate Card. Upon purchasing Gentle Monster sunglasses, it is advised that you register the serial number on our card at code.gentlemonster.com to ensure your product’s authenticity.

One key tip to tell whether your Gentle Monster sunglasses are counterfeit or not is by measuring them in bridge width, lens diameter, total width, and arm length. Record the measurements and refer to the product measurement guide of the same model on the official Gentle Monster or Farfetch site. If the measurements do not match, then it’s likely that your sunglasses are fake.

To avoid purchasing counterfeit products, be sure to shop from the official site, an authorised dealer, or a trusted online marketplace like Farfetch.