Cycling not only gets us to places but also helps our body stay fit and healthy. As the world's leading manufacturer of bicycles, Giant designs myriads of bicycles that suit every cyclist's different needs. Learn more about Giant bikes in Singapore below!


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About Giant Bicycles

Transportation has always been the core factor in simplifying our lives. The better it performs, the faster you can get ahead of the game. Among all the ways to commute to places, cycling is probably the number one choice for those who prefer a cheaper and eco-friendly vehicle. And when it comes to bicycle, no one does it better than Giant – the brand that resonates with high-quality standards.

The Giant brand was established since 1972 with an aim to bring excellent bikes to every home. Founded by a group of craftsmen and engineers with broad knowledge and technical understanding of the bike mechanism. The brand soon proved itself to be the top bicycle manufacturer with an impeccable product line that caters to all types of cyclists, amateur or professional.

Starting from the development of aluminium bicycle structure that is both lightweight and low cost, Giant has given bicycles an incomparable quality as well as durability as the brand grew bigger over the years. Besides manufacturing bicycles for daily commute, racing, mountain trekking to off-road riding, Giant also specializes in cycling gear.

Together, we can turn the world into a better place by making cycling a way of life!

Giant Bikes Are for Everyone On The Road

If you think cycling is just another way of moving around, you haven’t fully discovered the joy of it, or you probably haven’t found that special bicycle that suits you the best. Giant Bikes Singapore is guaranteed to leave you with great excitement to “ride away” with its broad product range.

On-Road Bicycles

This is the main type of bicycles that people starts with when they begin the cycling habit. These bikes are meant to ride on paved roads and paths. Depending on your cycling needs and personal style preferences, you can choose the one that can satisfy that particular function. Below are some of the prominent models of Giant Bicycles Singapore.

  • Race and Aero Race bikes:
    • TCR Advanced Pro
    • TCR Advanced SL
    • Envie Advanced Tri
    • Propel SLR
  • High Endurance bikes:
    • Avail Advanced Pro
    • Defy Disc
  • Lifestyle and Hybrid bikes:
    • Animator 16 for Boys
    • Adore 16 got Girls
    • Gloss 24
    • Prime E+ LDS
    • Ease E+

Off-Road Bicycles

If you wish to take your cycling to the next level, ride on x-roads. They are bicycles that are specially made for single track and dirt paths where you can challenge your metabolism as well as will-power. Find the best companion for your adventure from Giant products catalogue as follows:

  • Intrigue SX
  • Anthem X 29er
  • XtC Jr 20
  • Reign Advanced 27.5
  • Full-E+
  • Rincon Disc

Above are only a few selections from Giant’s huge products inventory. You can further explore the world of Giant with bikes that are designed for different age groups, genders as well as cycling conditions.

Giant Singapore Special Gears for Cycling

To make your cycling time even more enjoyable, you should also prepare yourself with the advanced ride gear and bike gear from Giant Singapore.

  • Jersey and Shorts: Give your body the flexibility to cycle without many obstacles with the right fitting Giant Accessories and Giant Sportswear.
  • Helmets: All types of sports need protective gear, and cycling is not an exception. Protect your head properly while riding anywhere with Giant Helmets for all cyclists, from sport to lifestyle cycling. Helmets from Giant are extra durable with cooling vents yet remain super lightweight for ultimate comfort and security.
  • Gloves: If you cycle long-distance or just simply seek more support while cycling, don’t leave your home without a pair of Giant Gloves for every ride. These accessories provide extra cushioning for maximum control over your bike handlebars.
  • Hydration pack: Get ready for a long ride is never enough without a hydration pack to keep your body hydrated on the way. It also provides extra room to keep your belongings in place.

Cycle for a Better Life with Giant Bicycle Singapore

If the traffic in the city centre always terrifies you, just opt for a bike when you commute to school or work if possible. Or simply take the time during weekends to cycle around your neighbourhood, you will find your life changes for the better.

Here are 10 perks of making cycling your habit:

  1. Skip the traffic during peak hour
  2. Get deeper sleep as your body burns more energy during the day
  3. Instant youth “makeover” as you maintain the cycling habit regularly
  4. Boost your metabolism over time
  5. Prevent sickness more effectively
  6. Make the environment greener
  7. Best exercise when you are on a diet
  8. Save you money on transportation
  9. Great bonding activity as you cycle together with your family
  10. Join the cyclist community and make more friends

So jump on the bandwagon now, get what you need from Giant Singapore and be ready for the next exhilarating ride on the road!

Where are Giant bicycles from?

Giant Bikes was founded in Taiwan back in 1972, and currently has production facilities in Taiwan, the Netherlands, and China. The Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer designs its bicycles based on users’ specific needs: On-Road, X-Road, Off-Road, E-bikes, and Youth.

Are Scott bikes made by Giant?

Yes, Scott bikes are made by Giant. Aside from designing and selling bikes under their own label, Giant also makes bicycles for other major bicycle companies like Trek, Scott, and Colnago.

What are the best Giant bikes?

Best Giant Bike Singapore

  • Cheapest Road Bike: Contend 3
  • Best Trail Bike: Trance Advanced Pro 29 1
  • Best Gravel Bike: Revolt Advanced Pro-Force
  • Value-for-money Road Bike: TCR Advanced 1 Disc Pro Compact
  • Best Endurance Bike: Defy Advance 2
  • Best for Triathlon: Trinity Advanced Pro

Road Bike Size Chart


Suggested Frame Size


148 - 152 cm

47 - 48 cm


152 - 160cm

49 - 50 cm


160 - 168 cm

51 - 53 cm


168 - 175 cm

54 - 55 cm


175 - 183 cm

56 - 58 cm


183 - 191 cm

58 - 60 cm


191 - 198 cm

61 - 63 cm


Where to buy Giant bikes in Singapore?

Giant Bicycle Shop is located at 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-19, Singapore 408868. Its operation hours are from 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday.

You may also check out other online bicycle shops such as Tay Junction, Decathlon, Hello Bicycle, Aleoca, and more if you would like to compare the prices of bicycles from various well-known brands.

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