The rush of adrenaline, the sense of freedom, a catalyst for improved well-being. The list of reasons for why many sports lovers enjoy road biking is endless. Giant bicycles are especially popular among road bikers as every part of the bicycles is designed and manufactured in-house to ensure consistent quality. Learn more about Giant bikes Singapore below!


Unleashing Your Potential: All You Need to Know About Giant Bicycles Singapore

As the world’s largest manufacturer of top-notch bicycles and cycling gear, Giant incorporates professional craftsmanship, advanced technology and innovative design into all its bike models. Their bikes are coveted by professional cyclists and avid cycling enthusiasts, not to mention they play a significant role in Tour de France for more than 20 years. Below are more details you’ll need to know about Giant bikes:

Where are Giant bikes made?

Giant Bikes was established in Taiwan back in 1972, and currently has production facilities in Taiwan, the Netherlands, and China. The Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer classifies its bicycles based on user: On-Road, X-Road, Off-Road, E-bikes, and Youth.

What are the best Giant bikes?

  • Cheapest Road Bike: Contend 3
  • Best Trail Bike: Trance Advanced Pro 29 1
  • Best Gravel Bike: Revolt Advanced Pro Force
  • Value-for-money Road Bike: TCR Advanced 1 Disc Pro Compact
  • Best Endurance Bike: Defy Advance 2
  • Best for Triathlon: Trinity Advanced Pro

What bike size should I get for my height?

When choosing Giant road bikes, the rider’s height is crucial in determining the most suitable bike to maintain a good balance while biking. Here’s a bike size chart for your reference:

Giant Bicycle Singapore: Road Bike Size Chart


Suggested Frame Size


148 - 152 cm

47 - 48 cm


152 - 160cm

49 - 50 cm


160 - 168 cm

51 - 53 cm


168 - 175 cm

54 - 55 cm


175 - 183 cm

56 - 58 cm


183 - 191 cm

58 - 60 cm


191 - 198 cm

61 - 63 cm


How much is a Giant bike?

In Singapore, the price of a Giant bike ranges from S$1,480.00 to S$5,400.00. The cheapest Giant bike costs S$ 766.30, which is a halfway folding bike, available on Tay Junction Official Store at Shopee. Below is a price list of other popular Giant road bikes:

Giant Road Bike



Giant Road Bike Propel Advanced Pro 1

S$ 4,588.10


Giant Liv Road Bike Langma Adv 2 Disc

S$ 2,730.00

LazMall by Lazada

Giant Road Bike Contend SL 1 Disc

S$ 2,130.00

LazMall by Lazada

Giant Fathom 29 2 Bicycle

S$ 1,480.00

LazMall by Lazada

Giant Road Bike Defy Advanced 2 (Size: XL)

S$ 2,530.00

LazMall by Lazada

Giant Liv Road Bike Langma Advanced 3

S$ 1,940.00


Giant Road Bike TCR Advanced 1 Disc Compact (HD)

S$ 3,104.00


Giant Road Bike TCR Advanced Pro 1 (Size:S)

S$ 3,900.00

LazMall by Lazada

Should I get a 26 or 28-inch bike?

For touring or adventure biking, both the 26” and 28” bikes are equally suitable. One thing to keep in mind is the bicycle should be able to accommodate large tyres, with a minimum size of 32mm and maximum size of 40+. What’s more important is to make sure the bicycle frame matches your height and has the right geometry that makes you feel comfortable when riding. Those who are shorter than 170cm in height, 26” wheeled bikes might be a better choice.

Does Giant make Trek bicycles?

Over the years, Giant has been the largest bicycle manufacturer who’s been generating high revenue in the world’s bike industry. Aside from designing and selling bikes under their own label, they also make bicycles for other major bicycle companies including Trek, Scott, and Colnago.

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