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Basic Things that You Should Know before getting a Photo Album

More than just a book that displays your photos, a photo album will occupy a space of your home and life. As such, you should take your own time to choose the one that you will use for a long time. In order to make the best choice, these are basic things that you should know before getting a photo album.

Avoid These Types of Photo Albums

Since there are tons of photo albums in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that matches your taste. However, such arduous task becomes easier when you avoid these types of photo albums to narrow down your choices.

First, you should not buy photo album with adhesive backing because the adhesive yellows and becomes brittle to a point which your photos will be difficult to remove. You may even end up ripping the entire paper if you attempt to do so. Another important concern is the adhesive can cause your photo to disintegrate due to the chemicals. Similarly, you should avoid photo album with magnetic backing.

If possible, you should steer clear of a photo album with page or cover that is not acid and lignin free. Found in wood, lignin is a type of chemical compound that is used to make the paper stronger. However, lignin in the paper can break down until it releases acid. Needless to say, it causes damage to paper as well as your precious photos!

Finally, you should not get a photo album with poor quality plastic. Last time, photo albums with sleeves or pockets for photos were made of PVC plastic or other poor quality plastic material. Even these plastic materials can break down and then releases acid which damages the photos. If you are looking for safe plastic materials, you should consider polypropylene, polyethylene, or mylar.

Features that You Expect from Photo Album

Since there are tons of common sizes of photos, one feature that you should determine the size of photos that you want to add to your photo album. In other words, your photo album can accommodate your desired photo size. If you have a variety of photo sizes, you should get a photo binder which has different types of photo sleeves so that you can put different photos into them.

Another feature that you should check out is the photo arrangement in the photo album. While it is easy to insert the photos into photo sleeves or pockets, there are others that consider such arrangement is just lazy and visually boring. In order to be more creative, it is highly recommended for you to get photo corners so that you can arrange various sized photos onto a page yourself.

Fit Well on Your Bookshelf

After you have chosen the ideal photo album that matches your needs, you can decide on the photo album that goes well with bookshelf and look gorgeous. While there are many lovely photo albums, there is no right or wrong answer because it depends on your preference. If you are a fan of a huge photo album, you should know that it will not fit on your bookshelf. Not only that, it may even clash with your décor in the room. Furthermore, you will be disappointed when it does not match with other photo albums or journals on your bookshelf. These are the thing that you should bear in mind when you are going to buy a photo album.