Picture frames may be a cliche gift for a relative or a friend but they can mean a lot if you put a lot of effort into creating them. Customize your environment with the most creative photo frames. Use ideas below to create and modify your frames.

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Different Ways to Use Photo Frames

Probably the most popular gift given, the photo frame is the simplest option you can get. When you’re out of ideas on what present to get, go for the photo frame. Although the stigma to photo frames is such, there are many other uses for these gift sets. In the Singapore, gift sets come in all shapes and sizes. This allows for us to use our creativity to the max. Let’s look at some choices of photo frames and the creative uses of them.

Choices of photo frames

When you think of photo frames, you will most likely think of the single picture, wooden-framed version. That basic type of photo frame is the start to your creative decorative process. The variations in photo frames include metal, plastic, and glass frames.

For those of you who love technology, there are digital photo frame screens you can get that simply display all your photos by inserting your flash drive with photos in them. How cool is that?! Upload your favourite HD photos of all your memories to be displayed.

Customize your environment using photo frames

Your environment plays a big role in your mental and physical health. That said, there is a way you can enhance your environment using photo frames. Here are some ideas to use or customize photo frames to beautify and spice up the use of photo frames.

Photo frame combo

One of the most creative ways of using photo frames is to use a frame with multiple photo slots. You know, the one usually used for family members or people in an organization. It allows you to display multiple photos on a large area. Generally, these are large and require them to be hung on the wall. If you don’t have enough photos to display, you can simply add random photos of all your favourite things – sceneries, goals & dreams, celebrities.

Make your own frame

If you can’t find a design that you like, screw it! Simply make your own! Get into DIY and fashion your own style of photo frames. Grab some wood (wood is the easiest option to work with), grab your tools and start building. Measure the size and shape you want and cut out the frame following those dimensions. Next, choose a colour that matches your taste and paint it. You can spray-paint it or use a brush. Unleash your creative side by going DIY style.

Use LED lighting

Normal photo frames are boring. Customize the photo frame you purchase using LED lighting. For this mod, you will need LED lights that preferably connects to a battery instead of an electrical socket. Fit the LED onto the sides of the photo on the frame and light it up. Watch the difference before and after turning it on. Lastly, glue the battery pack to the back of the frame. Now you have your customized LED photo frame.

Try out any of these or feel free to use ideas from other areas on the internet. The best place to start searching for ideas would be on YouTube.