As the saying goes, jewellery is the way to a woman’s heart. Goldheart is renowned for being one of the largest fine jewellers in Singapore. Besides being a leading bridal jeweller, the brand is the exclusive distributor of Celestial, the world's first 73-facet star diamond. Let’s find out some of the most iconic collections ever designed by Goldheart Jewellery below.

How to measure the size of any piece at Goldheart?


Most Iconic Collections By Goldheart Jewellery Singapore

Goldheart jewelry has established itself significantly well in the jewellery market with sophisticated and elegant collections of jewellery, perfect for a gift of everlasting love. At Goldheart Jewelry Singapore, each individual piece is infused with jubilation and joy, creativity and innovation, and meaningful connections. The jewellery brings about rich and exciting life experience and exhilarating new discoveries. Jewellery can make people feel more empowered and confident bringing out the personality and all the while uplifting the spirit. Goldheart celebrates individuality and independence with every piece of jewellery. Golheart provides the perfect pieces from wedding rings to earrings and necklaces.


Dazzling diamonds and luxurious sapphire jewels, Prestigio elevates one’s prestige and status with stunning hues and extraordinary designs for wedding bands.


Gifts from the ocean, the Perolé collection comprises jewellery pieces that are adorned by glimmering pearls, such as golden south sea pearls, white pearls, freshwater pearls, and Tahiti pearls.


If there’s a design that will never go out of trend, that would be the heart motif. It embodies the true meaning of love - love comes from the heart. The Lovelle collection would set women’s hearts aflutter with its elegant rose gold-tone and delicate diamond embellishments.

Sanrio Characters

Many of us grew up with Sanrio characters since young and they have brought happiness to our childhood. While we’re grown-ups now, we get to relive our childhood nostalgia with the Sanrio charms designed by Goldheart Jewelry.


No diamond jewellers have claimed to be the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond maker other than Goldheart. Each piece in the Celestial collection is crafted in precise symmetry, perfect proportion, and accurate placement of facets to illuminate captivating sparkles.

999 Gold

Also known as 24-carat gold for its best purity of gold element, Goldheart Jewelry has a myriad of products in the 999 Gold range. Apart from wearables, the jeweller offers gold in the forms of a gold note, gold bar, figurine, and charm.

Goldheart's Love & Romance

The Love and Romance collection of Jewellery is the embodiment of love and romance. Offering a wide range of choices for wedding bands and fine earrings made of diamonds and other beautiful stones to elevate the confidence. Every design symbolizes endless threads of passion and a heart's affection which, over time, weave into a strong spiritual bond within

How to measure the size of any piece at Goldheart?

  • Bracelets: Take the measurement of the inner diameter of your best bracelet in centimetres.
  • Ring size: Goldheart Singapore offers a chart that can be printed in A4 paper at 100% to compare with a ring that you already own. The chart is applicable for measurements only in Singapore.
  • Necklaces: The standard necklace chain length is 40cm however the length of the necklace is based on personal preference oftentimes. It is highly recommended to have necklaces of different lengths for more variety for different occasions.