A baby is a precious gift that parents can ever have. We always try our best to keep our babies happy and comfortable. With GOO.N diapers that understand the delicate needs of your baby, you can now enjoy every single moment of your child’s growth. Click here to find out more.


Comfortable Diaper Experience with GOO.N Singapore

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer,

bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty,

the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.

Life is never quite the same anymore when your baby newly arrives into your home and your heart. Every single thing that you do after that is for the best interest of your baby. If possible you would even keep your baby in your arms forever to make sure your baby feels love and care but that is definitely impossible. However, you can channel the same amount of love and care by choosing GOO.N for your baby. Providing optimum comfort for your baby’s soft and delicate skin is essential in ensuring your baby’s happiness and most importantly your happiness. With GOO.N high-quality diapers and other products, you will be hearing your baby’s infectious laughter and joy all day long.

About GOO.N Singapore

GOO.N produced in Japan under the prophetic token of Elleair, is now known as the number one diaper brand in the market. The success of GOO.N is mainly contributed by its supreme quality of products that has gained the trust and confidence of the parents out there. “GOO.N” is derived from the Japanese word that means growing prosperously and with full of energy. Staying true to its name, GOO.N never limited itself from conducting continuous research and investing in expertise to design diapers that are not only soft as silk but also soothing for your baby’s skin. Penetrating the Singaporen market, GOO.N has continued to achieve stardom by providing services and products like no other diaper brand in the market.

GOO.N Singapore: Promising Comfort for Your Baby

GOO.N is superior in terms of quality and comfort compared to all the other diapers available in the supermarket owing to the interesting designs, high-quality materials used and the right process to produce the diapers.

Soft and Smooth as Silk

Tired of changing the diapers just after 1-2 babies’ pee? With GOO.N that stays soft all day long, you do not need to worry about hard nappies anymore. It gives your baby clad in satin-like feeling.

Slim and Highly Absorbent

If there is an award for the thinnest diaper in the world, GOO.N will definitely go up the stage. Did you know that GOO.N produces the thinnest diaper in the world? Though it is thin compared to all the diapers in the market, GOO.N remains extremely efficient by having the fastest absorption ability. GOO.N is designed with double layers and a core that absorb moisture at a faster rate. Thus, with GOO.N your baby will not only feel lighter but also dry and comfy.

Let Your Baby’s Skin Breathe

Even your baby’s bottom needs to breathe. Yes and GOO.N helps your baby’s skin to breathe freely by incorporating super breathable film and less sticky product in order to allow maximum air flow. This will reduce the chances for your baby to suffer from heat rashes.

GOO.N Singapore: Choosing the Best GOO.N for Your Baby

GOO.N has two types of diapers that you can choose from. Both are equally great but slightly distinctive features. Check them out and decide what is best for your baby.

Tape Straps Diapers
Soft and Gentle – The diapers have smooth and soft interior layer that cushions and prevents any discomfort for your baby. Extra Leak Protection – With GOO.N diapers, you don’t need to be constantly worried of loose stools anymore. The diapers are designed with “waffle” texture that keeps the stool in place.
Slip-On Diapers
Stretch to Fit – GOO.N allows your baby to move freely as it is not only cozy but also well fitted and comfortable. This diaper also is designed with stretchable waistband to ensure maximum movement. Now your babies are not only active but also secured with the flexible GOO.N.

Dry and Fresh – Both tape strap diapers and slip-on diapers are designed to stay fresh and absorb quickly. The “ultra dry” layer helps your baby to stay dry and the absorbent layer takes away the moisture from your baby’s skin. In addition to that, both diapers could hold on water better after the first use and infused with deodorant polymer to reduce odor.

Great Products from GOO.N Singapore

GOO.N has top selling products that are paraben-free which are a great hit.

  • Premium Tape Jumbo New Born Size (50 pcs) x 4 Packs GOO.N Super Dry Diaper & Slim Diapers,
  • Premium Pants Jumbo XL Size (24 pcs) x 6 Packs GOO.N Dry Diaper & Slim Diapers
  • Free Shipping 99% pure water for the exchange friendly wipes packed in skin "70 sheets × 12 pieces (840 sheets) OR70 sheets × 6 pieces (420 sheets)"

Choosing The Right Fit For Your Baby

When you choose the right size of a diaper for your baby, your main concern should be your baby’s weight. In addition to the weight, your baby’s growth stage also plays an important role. One great thing about GOO.N is the diapers from this amazing brand are stretchable, promising your baby great comfort and fit. Most importantly, no one knows better about your baby compared to you. Thus, all you need to do is trust your feelings and choose GOO.N and the rest will be taken care of. You may also check out other great brands such as Huggies, Pampers, BabyGanics and more.