In the fashion industry, Gucci is a name that needs no introduction. Especially, when it comes to bags; it does not come as a surprise that Gucci sets the trend standards for others to trot along due to their quality and impeccable designs. Get your Gucci bag fix here today and read on to find out the must-haves bags from Gucci Singapore.


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Top Gucci Bags Price List 2019

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Gucci Quilted Crossbody BAG

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Popular Gucci Bags in Singapore That Are Essential to Any Wardrobe

There is something about Gucci handbags that sets every self-proclaimed fashionistas’, beauty bloggers’ and celebrities’ taste buds drooling. Gucci is synonymous with quality, design, luxuriousness, and allure, their bags are a staple in every fan’s collection. Today, Gucci bags are considered the hottest and most famous accessory one can ever own, especially if it’s one of their most iconic handbags.

Below are a few of Gucci Singapore’ most popular handbags that are essential for any fashionista's wardrobe.

Gucci Marmont

What else screams Gucci than their gold double G buckle? The Gucci Marmont dons that iconic monogram right in the center of the bag which will definitely turn heads wherever you go. This Gucci sling bag with a flap is available in a wide array of colors and designs, but if you want to get the trendiest one, opt for a Marmont embellished with Alessandro Michele’s bold motifs.

Gucci Soho Disco

If you prefer something more subdued and timeless, then the Gucci Soho Disco is your best bet. Unlike other popular Gucci bags with the golden double G or interlocking G buckle, this Gucci sling bag has the interlocking G logo embossed across the body. The Gucci Soho Disco is available in many solid colors and is super easy to pair.

Gucci Dionysus

Recently, Gucci loves to incorporate historical influences and folktales into their designs. The Gucci Dionysus took inspiration from the tales of the son of Zeus, Dionysus, himself. This Gucci sling bag highlights the story of Dionysus through the tiger head closure, due to the god’s image that’s closely attributed to beasts like tigers and serpents.

How do you know if a Gucci bag is real?

  • Look at the stitching. If the threads are loose, it’s not an original Gucci bag.
  • If the glue spills out of the seams, it’s a fake Gucci bag.
  • Check the hardware of the bag; fake bags will have rusted or faded hardware.
  • Look for misspellings. Fake Gucci bags usually have the brand name wrongly spelled.
  • Inside the bag, there should be a stamped piece of leather saying “Made in Italy” in clear font.
  • Gucci bags come with two serial numbers. You can verify the serial numbers online or at your nearest Gucci boutique.