Shirt tucking is a style that will never become obsolete as it offers a more polished look to even the simplest apparel like a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. This is where belts come into play to give your outfit a finishing touch. Gucci belts are not just known for their emblematic interlocking G or double G buckle that turns heads, but also their smooth premium leather that signifies poshness. Browse our selection of Gucci belts below and scroll down to read more about spotting a fake Gucci belt.


Top Gucci Belts Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Gucci black leather belts S$ 263.16 Vestiaire Collective
Gucci blue leather belts S$ 135.90 Vestiaire Collective
Gucci pink leather belts S$ 403.19 Vestiaire Collective
Gucci black leather belts S$ 283.74 Vestiaire Collective
Gucci interlocking buckle brown leather belts S$ 483.26 Vestiaire Collective
Gucci gg buckle leather belts S$ 652.35 Vestiaire Collective
Gucci interlocking buckle pink leather belts S$ 527.76 Vestiaire Collective
Gucci gg buckle black leather belts S$ 330.70 Vestiaire Collective
Gucci black leather belts S$ 189.51 Vestiaire Collective
Gucci gg buckle brown leather belts S$ 305.79 Vestiaire Collective
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-6% Gucci black leather belts

Available in Vestiaire Collective S$ 263.16 S$ 281.96 Go to Shop

Frequently Asked Questions: Gucci Belt Singapore

How Can You Tell If A Gucci Belt Is Fake?

As a world-renowned luxury brand, Gucci’s goods are not easily accessible for everyone due to its premium price. It’s inevitable that Gucci replica surfaces on the market, making consumers fall into the trap of being scammed by paying more than what it’s worth. Something that makes us scratch our heads is the close resemblance of fake Gucci products to the authentic ones in almost every single detail. That is why we’re here to help you put on your detective glasses when distinguishing between authentic and fake Gucci belts:

Start from the packaging

From the first glance, the Gucci paper bag should appear in off-white colour akin to ivory, instead of a very pale white colour. Take a close look at the Gucci logo on the paper-made gift bag that comes with your belt. A fake will usually be seen with a discoloured or blotchy logo. Moving on to the dust bag, the Gucci label should be stitched to the surface of the bag on all four corners while a fake one has the label stitched on all four sides and can be seen slightly wrinkled due to a tight stitch. On top of the dust bag, there is a drawstring that can be pulled to keep the belt safely stored.

Inspect the belt

There are three parts of the belt that can be forged - buckle, strap, and engraved serial code or embossed details. Examine the colour of the buckle, if its gold colour has yellowish shade or looks less polished or glossy, then there is a high chance that the belt is fake. Some imitated Gucci belts have a serial code at the back of the buckle, while the real belts do not.

As for the belt strap, real Gucci belts sport a more textured belt that has been heat-stamped. Lining on the sides of the strap is the stitches. Given Gucci’s impeccable craftsmanship, there shouldn’t be any loose or slanted stitches that are almost coming apart. The size of each stitch should be equal as well.

When checking the serial number, make sure that it begins with “114” or “223” and it should have 21 digits. A fake Gucci belt has a serial number that begins with “1212”. Nowadays, many counterfeit producers imitate the exact serial number from the real belt, making it tougher to spot any dissimilarities. Although telling the difference of the embossing between a fake and an authentic one can be a catch, it’s still important to keep this in mind. Check the size and clarity of the font. The real Gucci belt should have a smaller-font stamp that is placed close to the buckle.

How much Is Gucci Belt in Singapore?

The price of a Gucci belt starts from S$272.12 and can go as high as S$1,794.83. Below is a price table of the top Gucci belts in Singapore.

Top Gucci Belt Price in Singapore 2020

Gucci Belt



Gucci 4cm Black Leather Belt

S$ 550.46

Mr Porter

Gucci 4cm Black Monogrammed Coated Canvas Belt

S$ 455.85

Mr Porter

Gucci Web GG Buckle Belt

S$ 332.91


Gucci GG Supreme Belt with G Buckle

S$ 882.94


Gucci GG Marmont Belt

S$ 810.57


Gucci Tiger Print GG Supreme Belt

S$ 752.67


Gucci GG Cricket Ball Belt

S$ 332.91


Gucci GG Marmont Black Leather Waist Belt

S$ 894.50

Harvey Nichols

Gucci GG Brown Leather Belt

S$ 550.46

Harvey Nichols

Gucci GG Embellished Leather Belt



Is A Gucci Belt Worth It?

Seeing as the Gucci belt can be used for years, as a classic piece of amazing quality, it is worth a good investment. For your first purchase, we highly recommend Gucci’s classic GG Leather Belt in black that offers the utmost versatility in terms of its style and design. With this Gucci belt, choosing any outfits to pair with it shouldn’t be a big problem. If sizing is a concern, visiting Gucci’s physical store and getting their sales associate’s help with body measurement would enhance your belt shopping experience.

Does Gucci have Black Friday sale?

While Gucci doesn’t run any Black Friday sale in its physical store, you can find hugely discounted Gucci items online during Black Friday sale. Gucci belt sale happens from time to time on fashion websites like Farfetch, Giglio, and Vestiaire Collective, so keep your eyes peeled for them if you would like to acquire a Gucci belt at a more affordable price.

What is the cheapest Gucci belt?

As of July 2020, the cheapest Gucci belt you can purchase in Singapore is a patent leather belt that comes with two elastics on the sides and a silver-plated metal buckle. This women’s leather belt costs S$ 122.23 on Vestiaire Collective. As for the cheapest men’s Gucci belt, it is a brown cloth belt with a Gucci logo on the buckle and the central row of the cotton. It’s currently priced at S$130.38 on Vestiaire Collective.

Are Gucci belts still in fashion in 2020?

Of course! Gucci belts are still a big hit in today’s fashion world for they are highly versatile for any occasions. No matter dressing formally or casually, a Gucci belt adds more personality to a person’s ensemble. The Gucci belt is a major accessory that can survive the ever-evolving fashion trend for many years to come. Hence it is worth every penny for many fashionistas.